1987 Mazda B2600 SE5 2.6 gas from North America


This is a great little truck!


Cylinder head cracked at 100,000 miles.

Transmission broke at 180,000 miles.

General Comments:

The Mazda B2600 4x4 was one of my favorite vehicles. I used this truck for everything thing from date nights to wood hauling and off roading. It would go anywhere. It pulled several full size 4x4s out of mud bogs and snowy banks.

I had only 2 major break downs and both were at 100,000+ miles. I have no complaints.

The electrical system was ultra reliable. I had to replace one head light and that was it! All the other bulbs and electrical items were stock when I sold the truck at 180,000 miles.

Many times I towed trailers with more than double the rated towing capacity.

I would love to find another one with very low miles to have as my occasional driver when I need to haul something.

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Review Date: 20th October, 2009

25th Jan 2013, 16:50

My 87 Mazda King Cab has over 400,000 km, and all I've done is replace tires, battery, spark plugs, and right know I am replacing a few hoses. Awesome truck.

1987 Mazda B2600 i mitsubishi from North America


Nice truck, bad carb..


Cannot get the carburetor to work properly, no matter what..

General Comments:

I like the truck. I just bought it locally from a farmer, he had the same problems and just quit messing with it, so I bought it for only 800.00.

The whole carburetor setup is a joke.. I would like any info on the quickest way to end this problem, the motor has only 80,000.

Thanks frank.

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Review Date: 25th July, 2006

23rd Apr 2008, 17:56

Check out webercarbsdirect.com. I found a conversion kit for the Mazda pickup (any model), bought it, and it works great. It even improved the gas mileage, slightly.

23rd Apr 2008, 18:02

You can take the bolt/ mounting dimensions for that carburetor and for a Carter one bbl carburetor to a machine shop, and have an adapter plate made. Then you'd have to modify the accelerator linkage, and fuel lines. Be sure to use the correct lines for input and return. Then, on the return line, add an inline fuel regulator. Once assembled, set the regulator on about three or four (if it has five positions).

23rd Jan 2014, 16:35

I converted mine to a Weber carb and it worked great. I agree the OEM was a joke; way too many vacuums and sensors, and with the Weber you get rid of all that mess and even have room to do an LPG conversion.

1987 Mazda B2600 i turbo diesel (83 Mitsubishi) from North America


The most comfortable cab, and great climate controls!!


No major problems since I did the diesel conversion; just a front cover oil leak and a power steering hose leak.

General Comments:

Bought pickup for $950.00 off Ebay with a bad 2600 engine. After looking it over, it looks like the previous owner ran her out of oil (balance shafts were scored). I replaced the timing chain and guides to check the condition of the engine. Once I fired her up I realized it was better to replace then rebuild, too many valve train and rod noises and injection had been replaced with an after market carb.

Found an 83' Mitsubishi Turbo diesel pickup locally for about $1000, pulled and rebuilt it. First generation Mazda 4x4 used Mitsubishi motors, my 2.3 diesel bolted right to the bell housing and motor mounts with no alterations needed. Other than a little rewiring, the swap went very smoothly. Now getting 25 to 30 mpg! Future plans are to add an extra tank, fuel solenoid and some plumbing work, so I can burn used vegetable oil. Can you say free fuel!!

I encourage anyone interested in a diesel powered Mazda to give this a try.



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Review Date: 13th September, 2004

28th Oct 2004, 15:41

Are you refuring to the b2600i motor? I like the diesel option!

25th Jan 2005, 06:18

Yes, I am referring to the 1988 B2600i engine. Diesel I used is a 1983 4D55 Mitsubishi Turbo Diesel. After 10,000 miles, minor oil leak is only problem. Injectors might need to be rebuilt, rough idle when cold. I can be reached at toolman84@juno.com. Dan.