2001 Mazda B4000 4.0 V6 from North America


I am not happy with the performance or the quality of the truck


I, too, have had nagging problems with my 2001 B4000 2x4 cab-and-a-half. I bought it used (with 34000 miles) from a dealer. I had them replace a tire soon after getting it home because the sidewall was full of cracks. Now, the other 3 tires show the same cracks. There is plenty of tread left. I did not know the tires on this model had been recalled until I read the first review here.

Other problems:

Poor gas mileage. RPM’s run close to 2000 at 65mph on smooth, level highway, telling me there is not much overdrive in the overdrive. My wife’s car runs closer to 1500 RPM at that speed.

The transmission clunks and slips (I have an automatic).

I think the pick-up (acceleration) in this truck is not that great.

The blinker switch does not engage unless the steering wheel is turned just right.

The handle on the tail gate has just broken so I have to use a screw driver to open the tail gate (the truck just turned over to 50,000 miles). I find this particularly telling of the poor quality. This is a truck! The tail gate should be designed to open and close 10’s of thousands of times without failure! The handle is made of plastic!

The driver’s power window quits working from time to time, and then begins working again.

The electronic dimmer and temperature gauge on the rear view mirror don’t work.

The radio off doesn’t work.

General Comments:

Overall, the interior feels OK. The gauges are clear and easy to read. On the other hand, when driving, the truck feels heavy and clunky and loose. I would agree with one of the previous commenter's and I will avoid a Ford product for my next truck.

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Review Date: 13th October, 2006

2001 Mazda B4000 SE 4.0 liter from North America


A total lack of quality


Clutch slave cylinder failing for the second time.

Drive shaft replaced under warranty for vibration, and new one started leaking after warranty expired, Mazda would supply me with a new one, but I had to pay THEM for installation.

Every warranty issue (and there was many) took the dealer (s) 3 times to make correction.

The back window leaked and it took six times for them to fix it.

The rear axle seals where leaking at 86,000km and it was caused by drive shaft vibration, but Mazda would not replace.

Nice alloy rims where badly bubbled after 20,000km and one mild winter.

The throttle periodically stays at highway speed (2400rpm) and Mazda does not know how to correct.

The paint is so poor, it scratches or chips easier than anything I have ever seen, including vehicles painted by aftermarket places.

The wind noise around door glass gets bad, and Mazda has replaced my window trim, but did not fix the problem. Now the trim is gone bad again, so I will have to live with it or pay to replace it.

General Comments:

The trucks ride and handling is quite nice.

The total lack of quality is evident on every part of this truck.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2004

19th Oct 2005, 22:07

Must be one picky son of gun, avoid all your problems and buy German made. The best engineers in the world.

Sincerly, Art.

19th Apr 2008, 13:33

I've an opportunity to buy at a reasonable price a 2001 b4000 4x4. It has been with the original owner since new and he's buying a new Ranger. It seems like a nice unit but early in its life it had gears replaced in the transmission. I think there is more. The engine compartment is completely filled and there is little room to check or replace anything. Gas mileage is a factor too. Thanks to all contributors and I'll be taking a pass on this truck.


25th May 2011, 07:45

I have a 2001 B4000.

The paint started chipping off in the first year, on top of the cab by the wipers and by the gas tank. I have owned a lot of new trucks, but this is the worst paint on one I have ever had, I won't do anything about it.