2003 Mazda Bounty from Australia and New Zealand


Keep walking


This has just about sent us broke. HP'd this ute so we had no garage bills. We hadn't had it but a few months before the first head went. So far two cracked heads, three radiators, gearbox, steering work, tyres constantly being replaced, brakes, something that keeps going to stop them being able to do wheel alignments, and now the clutch needs doing. We are hardly ever warranted or registered as we can't afford to with all our garage bills. Problem is we can never get the vehicle to a warrant standard for long enough to warrant it or to be able to get rego to be able to sell it. Then we started thinking OK - we've done all this work, what else can go wrong? It just keeps going wrong. Stinkiest experience ever :-(

We have just bought a $900 bomb so that we can drive something road legal and reliable - our ute is just sitting there unused as we can't afford to spend anymore on it.

General Comments:

So bad that I would never look at another vehicle made by this company.

Looks the part though.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 14th November, 2015