2016 Mazda CX-3 from North America


Definitely spacious for its size and very upscale, worth a look

General Comments:

I went to sit in a CX-3, in an HR-V and in a Mazda 5. I tried all these because I do like the overall size, but I'm pretty tall at 6'1" and don't always find a smaller vehicle that fits my legs.

The CX-3 has surprisingly good leg room for the driver (not perfect, but acceptable for a compact vehicle), and with the driver's seat adjusted for me, I still had leg room for my legs in the seat behind. This is impressive. I also sat in the HR-V and it had such short leg room I could not place my feet. The rear seats are very comfortable in the CX-3, but the front seat lacks lumbar support.

The CX-3 interior, I think it's the most beautiful and most upscale of all these vehicles. It really feels good and looks beautiful - it was the highest trim. I liked the car even though it definitely feels 'claustrophobic' inside as it really isn't that wide. Rear windows are also very high, which means kids won't be able to look outside - I think this is my main criticism.

The seats are a little more high off the ground compared to a sedan, but still not as high as a Mazda 5 for example. Head room was OK with the seat in the highest position, and I could move the steering towards me enough to have a comfortable position for my hands.

One thing to notice, the gas pedal is the floor hinge type, but I didn't notice this until I looked at it, so it actually works quite well (in other vehicles such as the new Sonata it's kind of annoying because the pedal is too sensitive and the foot position is not natural).

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Review Date: 30th April, 2016

27th Dec 2017, 03:24

The writer makes several references to the Mazda 5 when I believe he meant Mazda CX-5 the mid size SUV that seats 5. The Mazda 5 was no longer in dealer showrooms when the CX-3 came out(2006-2013.) The Mazda 5 was a 3 row sport wagon/Micro van with sliding rear doors that seats 6. Not to be confused of course with the Mazda MX-5 Miata!