1997 Mazda Millenia S 2.3 from North America


Expensive in all regards, but great


Check engine light flashes. Autozone told me that the #5 cylinder is not firing or misfiring and the catalytic converters need to be replaced. Local muffler shop quoted me $3000-- if they didn't break a bolt! This is a huge problem. I am a college student.

I just replaced the brake pads. It was pretty simple. Easiest I've ever done. I need to replace the CV joints; they click every time I turn. Other than that I LOVE my Millenia. Feel free to email me at justincummings1972@yahoo.com.

General Comments:

The car has everything I want in a vehicle. Climate control, heated leather seats, moon roof, Bose sound system. It has more power than I need. It rides really nice, but the thing is SOO expensive to repair. I had a 72 Porsche 914 that was cheaper to get fixed.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2007

1997 Mazda Millenia L 2.5 from North America


Even though of its age, the Millenia still has its sleek sharp look!


Since I got the car, I haven't had any major problems other than replacing the timing belt. Other than that, I have had minor issues that's normal for the cars age like for example, replacing the CV joints, water pump, replacing the tires and battery.

Even though I have no major complaints bout the cars manufacture, except for the center cup holder, the Millenia had a sleek sporty luxurious look that caught many people's attention when driving around when I first got it, not to mention many people have asked me what kind of car is it up to this date!

General Comments:

This car is unique. It drives smooth, and when people get inside they don't believe it's a 97, but a newer version.

I have gotten many positive compliments from people, which still tells me that the Millenia is still looking good!

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Review Date: 1st August, 2007

1997 Mazda Millenia from North America


Paying $400 for a lemon for three years are very depressing.


My 1997 Mazda Millenia continues to run hot.

Things replaced within 18 months are hoses, water pump, radiator, three thermostats, and timing belt.

What else could it be? I'm told possibly the heads. My oil looks good.

I've only had 1 year of enjoyment and the remaining 3 years of paying for a lemon has been very disappointing.

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Review Date: 13th March, 2006

15th Mar 2006, 17:38

You may have air trapped in your cooling system.

A month ago I had the timing belt and water pump replaced on my 1993 Mercury Tracer. I was going to have my mechanic replace the timing belt per maintainance, but he recommended replacing the water pump also since the timing belt operates the water pump.

On my way home from picking the car up it began to run hot and did this several times.

My mechanic said air must have got trapped in the cooling system. So the car's cooling system was "bled". No more overheating.

Hope this helps.

13th Sep 2010, 14:16

Check the cooling fans. It is very common on these cars for the relays to burn out, not allowing the cooling fans to come one. When the car is running, check to see that at least one fan runs all the time,and both run with the A/C on. If they work then you have other issues. If not, replace the relays and/or the fan motors, and you should be good to go.

1997 Mazda Millenia S from North America


Great car


Cv axles went out at 92000.

General Comments:

Great car. smooth ride without the price tag. could compete with 45000 $vehicles.good power on the s model. sharp lines.

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Review Date: 8th November, 2005

7th Sep 2010, 12:16

Everybody complains on the car stuttering and hesitation problem. But nobody mentioned a solution. What is the solution?

1997 Mazda Millenia L 2.5 V6 from North America


Very attractive and unique, but not worth the time, energy and money!


Constant problems for the year I have had it!

Transmission had to be replaced!

CV boot had to be replaced 3 different times.

Had a $1,000 tune up including: all new belts, hoses, check fluids, spark plugs wires, oil change, inspection etc. After all this engine light constantly comes off and on. Diagnostics test stated it is a random engine misfire.

Keep in mind I have brought the car back for transmission and engine light problems at least 6 times a piece!!

Rental cars are not cheap for 3-6 days and it is extremely inconvenient!

Whats even more (funny)ironic my car is in the shop as I type this message!

General Comments:

This car is not reliable.

To prevent bias I did buy the car used it is a '97 but I had the car checked before I bought it. No supposed problems then.

The car does lack get up and go.

The seat does not give lower lumbar support.

For the repair costs you might as well have a BMW or Mercedes.

Sick and tired of the worries!

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Review Date: 9th September, 2004

19th Apr 2009, 20:14

I agree with everything you wrote. Invest in a Lexus...

27th Aug 2009, 12:19

Looks like you didn't have the car properly inspected before you bought it after all!

3rd Dec 2009, 17:20

I've had a Millenia L for 13 years now, and drove it with the check engine light on for 2.5 years before manually disassembling and cleaning the throttle body, which fixed the problem. I no longer use cheap gas and the problem has not re-occurred.