1996 Mazda MPV 4X4 3.0 V6 from North America


Average at best


Lots of little things...

Alignment never has been right, even after new tires, balancing, alignment, etc.

Brakes seem to wear quickly. Brakes are also way too sensitive, I really hate the braking on this van.

Accelerator sticks sometimes, haven't fixed it yet. Heard it's carbon build up on the throttle?

Thermostat needed replacement, took 1 hour just to find the thing.

Muffler rusted out, replaced.

Transmission has no drainage for fluid changes, and requires a special suction system to service; lucky I know a mechanic.

Power windows are way too slow to roll up, takes too long.

Check engine light is on, will need to deal with that in the future to pass emissions, not looking forward to that.

Paint peeling on the outside, poor paint job.

It has been quite reliable, but the quality is just not there. I don't think I would buy another one.

General Comments:

I bought this van from a friend who was in a financial bind and needed to sell it. It was a one owner family van for years, and well maintained.

It drives quite well, but feels boxy and awkward on turns for some reason. Accelerator sticks sometimes, brakes are too sensitive.

It is a used van, so expect some problems of course, for the most part the van has been reliable, but seems to always need constant upkeep and repairs more than other used cars I've had.

This is my first Mazda, and I'm disappointed in the quality compared to some old Dodge Caravans I've had; it just does not match up in interior space, comfort, low operating cost, and reliability.

The interior is OK for long trips, for the 2 front seats, but passenger seats are not very comfortable at all for long trips.

The MPV is a cheap, light duty van, not enough space for passenger's and cargo, and the fuel efficiency isn't great either. Not the best buy if you ask me.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2011

6th Feb 2014, 09:55

I don't understand your complaints with this MPV. Everything you have noted are normal wear and maintenance items with ANY car or truck with that mileage.

Why do people think that cars should last forever with just oil changes???

1996 Mazda MPV ES 3.0 V6 from North America


Good all round vehicle for us in the snow belt


Timing belt tensioner.

Leaking o-ring from theintake manifold, dripping oil onto the exhaust.

4wd change motor on transfer case from previous owner monkeying around too much.

Gas leak from previous owner monkeying around too much.

Tear and wear new front struts and tie rods.

Tear and wear parts like new brake rotors needed now at 190k miles.

General Comments:

Besides the things the moron of a previous owner monkeyed around with on this van (don't let general contracts tell you they are excellent mechanics), it has been very reliable, and is freaking awesome in the snow with the center lock differential in 4wd.

Adequate performance from the 155Hp V6, good working AC and heater.

Parts like brake rotors and pads can now be found cheaper from vendors on the Internet. Making it affordable to fix. Changed the timing belt/tensioner myself as required every 60k miles.

Love the 4 captain chairs and rear bench arrangement. Can tow 4000Lbs.

Get everything from 15 - 19Mpg on mixed driving on 87 octane.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2010

1996 Mazda MPV 3.0L DOHC from North America


Mazda Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!


This Mini Van is amazing. Very Big Performance for a small V6.

Just needed BF GOODRICH Snow tires on all four wheels to keep it from sliding around in the winter time.

Also Rotors were expensive to get brand new.

General Comments:

Mazda MPV's Drive like sports cars.

Lots of Pep

Rear Wheel Drive (Excellent for towing)

ABS on 4 wheels

Very comfortable

Great gas mileage

Cheap Stereo had to put new one in with speakers

SAFETY comes first in the vehicle 5 star crash rating with no recalls.

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Review Date: 8th October, 2003

25th Apr 2004, 05:22

I think this review is maybe a little too generous - some of the earlier model reviews for the MPVs are a bit too harsh. I have owned an early model (91) and a late model (98) MPV for many years now. Both were purchased new and owned at least 5 years. These vans are slightly underpowered (I live in a mostly flat area so it doesn't matter as much to me), get poor gas mileage (15 mpg overall) but are extremely well made and very comfortable (last two are subjective). For those who don't think they are well made, I think possibly 1. they bought it used and it was neglected by the prior owner and/or 2. they have neglected it. These vans needs to be maintained - and properly. They can't take the neglect of a Chevy big block and keep on ticking. For comparison, I own a late model Acura which is supposed to be very high quality and I believe my MPV is "screwed together" much better than my Acura!

25th Aug 2004, 21:02

I own a 1993 MPV LE since 1997. When I bought it had 46,000 and was still under manufacture warranty. It is now 2004 and it now has 185,000. For a while I pulled a 3,000 lb trailer with it to Florida and to the local mountains with 5 people as passengers. I did replace a transmission at 72,000 miles, but I think it was my fault. One should never tow anything this heavy with this car. I maintain it perfectly. The car runs perfectly today. It looks great and promises to run at least another 50,000 miles. At 185,000 it burns no oil, although the power has faded a little at 2500 rpm. It moves from a start like a champ and cannot drive less than 50 miles per hour no matter how little gas I give. It has been a wonderful car. I did put a nice stereo with a CD changer almost from the start. As far as gas mileage, keep the intake clean, spark plugs clean, air and fuel filters clean and you will get 17-19 mpg. The engine is great and overall quality is A+. This car likes clean oil and good maintenance. You do that, and you will love it. Well, you get what you pay for. You don't do the maintenance - you get fun later. Good luck!