2001 Mazda MPV DX 2.5L V6 from North America


Mazda on the outside Ford on the inside


Thermostat replaced at 1800KM.

Computer was replaced at 2000KM.

Wipers often get stuck in the middle of the windshield, dealer cannot locate problem.

Acceleration is extremely poor.

Brake pads are loose and keep making noise. Dealer has replaced shims, but it has made no difference.

Rear brake lines replace. (Recall)

Transmission is extremely rough with the A/C on.

General Comments:

This van has been nothing but headaches since day one.

Paid $500 for rustproofing which isn't there in the opinion of another Mazda dealer.

It took 5 visits to the dealer for them to realize the computer needed replacing.

Brakes have been rattling loose since day one, dealer has replaced the shim kit several times, but the noise still persist. The dealer tells me it is something I have t live with.

Put anywhere from 4 to 6 passengers in the van and acceleration is out the window with the 2.5L V6 borrowed from the Ford Contour, I've had to turn off the A/C on several occasions just to get on the Highway.

Front passenger room is good, but rear seating is cramped.

Air Conditioning is extremely weak for this size of vehicle, rear passengers never feel the cool air. (Should have gotten rear A/C)

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Review Date: 1st September, 2002

2001 Mazda MPV ES V6 from North America


A great minivan for familys



General Comments:

Great minivan for a family. We really like it. It's our first minivan we ever had. We used to have a Cadillac Escalade. Of course the Cadillac is better, it has more features. But still the minivan is great. The MPV totally changed from what it used to be.


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Review Date: 10th April, 2002

2001 Mazda MPV from North America


The best minivan we ever had!!!


Nothing yet!

General Comments:

The MPV is a great minivan for families. We really like the car. It is very comfortable and reliable. However, the cruise control is too close to the front windshield washer. I accidently turn the cruise control instead of the washer. We love the car!!!

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Review Date: 6th April, 2002

2001 Mazda MPV DX V6 from North America


A complete waste of money


Starting the vehicle is consistently difficult. It usually takes 3 or 4 attempts to get the car to turn over. The dealer has had the car in the shop for more than 4 weeks during the first two months that we have owned it. The dealer has failed to fix the problem.

General Comments:

Potential MPV buyers should seriously consider whether they want to pay in excess of $20K for a vehicle that will not start.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2001

2nd Oct 2001, 07:55

I guess you'd better switch the dealer. There is a technical service bulletin on the issue:

"Some vehicles with VINS lower than JM3 LW28G* 10166896 may take an excessive amount of cranking time before starting (approximately 4-10 seconds). This condition usually occurs after the vehicle has been driven and then parked for more than 30 minutes. This may be the result of inadequate fuel system pressure due to a stuck open fuel pressure regulator."

2001 Mazda MPV ES from North America


If you HAVE to get a minivan..


Nothing. It's brand spanking new.

The dealer is another story though, they procrastinated forever getting the tags for it.

General Comments:

Good news first. The seats are unbelievably comfortable, the engine has plenty of power, the steering is quick and smooth, the gas and brake pedals both feel perfect.

Bad news next. It's impossible to check your blind spot. Rear visibility (especially with passengers in the back seat) is absolute zero. Plus, the power steering is a tad too responsive for my taste. When you hit a bump on the highway it feels like you skid over it. The cruise control and windshield wiper knobs are too close together and I always hit one going for the other.

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Review Date: 29th June, 2001

9th Sep 2001, 10:22

Just right for a "mini-van". It is not like the big truck like mini vans i.e., Honda Odyssey or extended vans from Chrysler, Ford and GM. You don't feel like you are lugging around extra space you don't need.

When I drive it you really feel like what the commercial says "zoom-zoom". It drives like a sports car. We owned a Chrysler mini van, there is no comparison, the Mazda is way better. My only complaint is the gas mileage could be better by a mile or two. None the less, IT IS THE BEST MINI VAN MADE!

27th Feb 2002, 22:28

I purchased a 2001 Mazda van in Sept.

The dealership we bought from was fine and our salesman was fantastic.

Should any little problem arise, they booked us in. The vehicle drives like a Cadillac. I find that the seating is a bit cramped for the middle and back row, more for kids.

A negative point about the vehicle is the windows. Being in North America, I find that when the temperature gets down to -5 and lower, that we have a major foggy problem. The four side windows get so bad that it turns to ice, and the kids write their names in the ice. I find this quite annoying as my other van did not do this - a GM Transport.

The dealership looked at the vehicle, and found nothing wrong. If any one else experiences these problems please write in your solution? I tried everything.

Next time I buy a Van it will be in February when it is real cold, and I will take it home for a few days to test drive it before I make such a big purchase again.

30th Dec 2008, 12:17

They sell Rain X for inside the vehicle windows that will prevent the fog. Works great, try that.

19th Jan 2010, 15:17

Love my 2001 Mazda MPV with now over 130,000 miles on it. One small problem; it seemed to be mis-firing, and the dealer and mechanic could not seem to solve it until til I took it to a neighborhood shop and the mechanic there found a loose spark plus - really loose, Then he found rust on the porcelain of two other spark plugs.


2001 Mazda MPV LX 2.5 from North America


Best small wheel base mini van

General Comments:

Great riding vehicle, that is quiet and comfortable. I picked this over the Honda since it was smaller and I did not need all the extra weight and length to truck around in.

Third seat in the floor is a must for all mini vans in the future.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2001

2001 Mazda MPV LX 2.5 V6 from North America


An excellent alternative to the Honda Odyssey

General Comments:

New owner so can't comment on reliability.

Bought the MPV because I didn't want to wait for Honda.

Contrary to reviews, the 2.5 V6 is adequate and not all that noisy.

Initial quality is great, fit and finish are flawless to my eye. This is a very flexible, easy to live with mini van, a big step forward over the last generation Villager I owned.

Standard LX sound system sounds great.

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Review Date: 25th May, 2001

27th Jun 2001, 12:35

I agree with you 100 percent. I bought one, and find the engine is peppy. Love the ride and quality.

14th Nov 2005, 19:13

Deadly For Shizzle.

2001 Mazda MPV LX from North America


Would not get another Mazda


The main computer unit went after 3 days and 200 miles.

General Comments:

Dealership cannot get a spare computer unit, as it is back-ordered. After having the car for 3 days, it has been in the shop for 2 weeks. No promises on when it will be fixed.

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Review Date: 30th April, 2001

3rd Jul 2001, 20:39

Did you buy the car in New Jersey? Maple Shade?

I hope the dealer is at least supplying you with a free demo van.

I just bought an MPV and the only thing I'm not totally pleased with besides the STINKING dealer is that I'm only getting about 14 MPG.

I hope all works out for you.