16th May 2005, 23:04

No need to worry about a timing belt on any of the 2000 or later MPVs. All of the duratec engines have timing chains which do not require changing.

15th Nov 2005, 22:48

I could have written that review myself since I am having the same problems with my 2001 MPV LX. I have owned it for 3+ years now (from 11,000 miles to 65,000 now). Until it hit 56,000 miles or so, I didn't have any trouble at all with this van. I loved it and recommended it to friends. However, we have been experiencing hesitation problems ever since. One day the van quit outright and had to be towed to the dealership. The dealer found no problems and couldn't duplicate the problem. This has happened twice since then and the dealer couldn't help diagnose anything. I'm afraid that there is a computer issue and now I'm past the extended warranty period. In addition, we have carbon build-up on the throttle and now the gas pedal sticks. The hesitation issue (and stalling issue) is the biggest concern for me. I plan on dumping this van before it costs me major money.

18th Jan 2006, 14:45

Gas consumption

I would like to know the gas consumption on 2001 MPV DX?

I have 2001 MPV , tried to see how economy, but I am disappointed with the result.

Full tank for less than 400 km, between city and high.

Any idea, how to make it more efficient on gas.

21st Feb 2007, 07:38

I'm dealing with a code 421 on my 2001 Mazda MPV. Have about 110,000 miles currently & have been told that this van should last as long as a Toyota. Now I'm doubting that. Acceleration isn't good, gas mileage is terrible (20 mpg) & the gas pedal sticks. Brakes are squealing, even though I have plenty of brake pads left on the thing. Was told "it might need shims." So it's going to cost $200 to get shims replaced & I plan to go ahead & have pads replaced at the same time since it'll only cost about $40 more. Will consider taking the van to the dealer for the Code 421, so I don't waste money fixing odds & ends like others I've read about on these sites. I don't want to waste money on this thing. Just need it to hold up until I can get rid of it & buy a Toyota!!!

25th Apr 2007, 17:48

I have a 2001 MPV, and as well as the front brakes "squeaking", and the "rattles", I am now faced with an ignition key that will not come out of the ignition, when the van is placed in park! I have already had to replace the "Motorola" coil, and am doing a "back away" quickly from this unit!! To me, if the name on the hood of the car is the same as the components inside,...good,..otherwise liquidate it!


27th Jul 2007, 08:44

I own a 2001 Mazda MPV DX. Over the past six years I've had carbon build up on the throttle every 8-10 months (62,000 miles to date on vehicle); three sets of brakes; three sets of tires; new battery; new alternator; new fan belt; about 240 miles on a tank of gas; and several other minor problems. Mazda has to realize there's a problem with carbon build-up, after all it doesn't happen to other vehicles on a regular basis.

12th Sep 2007, 23:20

Help I'm confused. I have a 2001 Mazda Mpv with 60,000 miles on it. It was running great then the check engine light came on. I had it checked and it showed that O2 sensor needed replaced and catalytic converter. After talking to repair man he told me mazda's have 4 O2 sensors and two converters on them and could cost around 2500 to repair if all need changed. Is this true? Does mazdas have 4 O2 sensors and two converters? I can't afford to trade car off and I sure don't have 2,500 for repairs. Need opinion of someone who might know. thanks.

14th Oct 2007, 10:55

Hello Folks.

I appreciate the comments posted. Can someone suggest that after my MPV which has 92,000 miles, what all should I get serviced in it.

Second, the CHECK light is ON after I bought from the first owner and he suggested that nobody is able to solve the problem and as such MPV is running absolutely smooth. Can someone suggest how to read the problem because of CHECK light and do I need to go to the dealer to understand the problem.

Thanks in advance for your time and valuable suggestion.

22nd Oct 2007, 09:27

I have a mazda mpv 2004. My van has 70,000 miles and every time I get gas, the engine will stall (no check engine light). I do all the maintenance on the car. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks.

12th Nov 2007, 21:26

For those of you with questions about your MPV, MPVClub.com is an INCREDIBLE resource. I have a 2001 ES with the 4 seasons package, and it's been a reliable workhorse since day one. Check out the site and post your questions there - you'll get solid answers right away.

3rd Dec 2007, 11:10

I am reading up on the 2001 Mazda MPV. I was looking at one here in Calgary. Concerned about maintaining and servicing.

Breakdowns and reliability.

What I hear is, some are lemons and some are pearls.

What I wanted to hear was, is it very good and a good buy, or never buy, the costs are too high?


17th Mar 2008, 02:31

If someone could please emaplain a bit to me about timing belts on a Mazda MPV LX 2001 I would really appreciate that.

Do they need to be changed at 100, 000km??


17th Oct 2008, 18:40

17 October 2008.

I purchased a used 2001 Mazda MPV LX Sports in January of 2006 from a local dealer here in Mississauga with a little over 100K of mileage.

To-date, this minivan (with minor repairs done, like head lamp, brakes, new battery and tires replacement- October 2008) still runs smoothly and quietly at 145K.

I have no problem whatsoever with this super minivan. I can speed up to 100K on highways straight and without any problem at all.

5th Jan 2009, 16:17

I think we all need to get Mazda to recall these vans. How can we all have the same problem?

We bought our van brand new 7 years ago, we loved it although I think it's not as roomy and smooth as Toyota :-) Now at 62,000 we have check engine light on and the dealership has no clue. Before the check engine came on, it was acting like it was going to stall and was hesistating when you step on Gas.

I can't get my husband to trade it in and my six year daughter calls it "My car" as it was bought when she was born.

Does anyone has any recommendations for a good roomy and low maintence van that we don't have to rob the bank to have.


28th Feb 2009, 19:51

We run a shop, and this MPV, a 98, was towed in.. story supposedly goes like this... died on highway, towed home, they did tune up and fuel pump, then towed to us, still no start..

All lights on the dash are on, no fire, put used computer in it, got it to let us in to genysis, and all lights go out on dash, no fire, put in new distributor, now have fire, will only stay running if you plug MAF with a rag or your hand... any ideas???