1990 Mazda MX3 1.8 V6 from UK and Ireland


A fine sporty 2+2 with good performance and value for money


So far nothing - I've done 4,000 miles since my son gave me the car.

I borrowed the car for a day and as a precaution I checked both oil and water levels.

I couldn't find any trace of either!

I found out he hadn't put any water or oil in the car for 13 months and had driven her 14,000 miles!

This speaks volumes for the car's reliability and endurance.

I gave him a lot of earache for his neglect and he gave me the car.

He told me he had replaced both rear shock absorbers at 60,000 miles and the exhaust at 70,000 together with new disks and pads all round.

Other than that, nothing.

This car never ever let him down and I suppose that is why the long period without any checks on it.

General Comments:

I have to say I truly love this car.

The performance is strong without any vibration and very little engine noise.

The handling is terrific and the car feels really safe.

Seating is fine in the front but a little cramped in the back.

Take the parcel shelf down and it's like entering a cave!

A fine sporty car with good economy for a V6 and very smooth performance.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2004