1997 Mazda MX3 1.8L V6 from Portugal


Turbo needed


This car is Japanese... there is nothing wrong.

General Comments:

Very slow for the running costs!

11 L/100km on daily driving for a car with 135bhp...PLEASE!!!

This running costs are for a car with 200bhp at least!

Good on motorways... but on 5th hits the red line at 210km/h.

4000 rpm to go only at 120km/h (red line at 7000 rpm)

So, if you go at 150km/h, it's better say goodbye to your petrol.

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Review Date: 11th March, 2007

12th Jan 2017, 07:54

Driving a 20 ear old petrol V6 car with 200hp in the city is more likely to return close to 15-20 l/100km. Not sure where you are getting your numbers from.

1997 Mazda MX3 GS 1.6 4 cylinders from UK and Ireland


She's the BEST car...EVER!


When my farther was helping me with my driving lessons in the Lady as we call it. The car had a small fault on it.

As the car had been parked in our garage for quite a while when my farther took it out for me it had problems starting. It was only a small problem, which saw the battery being changed, and in the end, it turned out to be the starter motor.

It is quite annoying when you are sitting at the lights waiting for them to change and suddenly the car stales and you have to get the state pack from the boot. Especially on main roads. She runs just like a brand-new car now so if it has happened to you try that procedure first.

(This has since has enticed me to take a motor vehicle lessons.)

General Comments:

Generally, I find her to be the most, ‘unique’ car my father ever owned.

She is certainly not the fastest as he had a kitted out Toyota GT4. However, from the lights agents such cars as Honda's C-R-X and Ford's Puma it can leave them far behind with no engine tuning what so ever. (Agents my mates fully tuned Puma.)

I have timed how fast she was able to get from 0-70 miles per hour and what the official Mazda book says is wrong as I saw her do it 7.85 seconds.

In addition, she is the best value for money my farther brought her for two thousand and five hundred pounds and she is worth around just over four grand in this country.

The handling by sitting in the passenger seat is like, not knowing that your doing seventy until your doing ninety miles per hour and going round corners at fifty miles per hour, you can't feel a thing its just a slight tire screech that gives the game away, as she holds the ground. She makes you fell completely safe as if you are inside K. I. T. T. from Television’s Knight Rider. (Hope I can say that.)

I am counting the days until I can have her legally next year.

Also encase your wondering why I keep calling it 'she', it is because it is almost human in its looks, how it looks like it watching you and its damn cute. Almost as much as my girlfriend, but do not get it wrong as she is prepared to show you that she is not on the play station.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2003

1997 Mazda MX3 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Fun, sporty and good utility vehicle - A shame they don't make them anymore!


So far, the only true problem I have had with this MX3 is in the coolant system. Two small metal tubes corroded away causing a leakage.

Another "problem" I have is that I travel a lot. When I return, if the car has been sitting for a couple weeks (especially in cold weather), the gear shift selector feels like I am dragging it through thick mud.

My previous MX3, which I handed back in after a 3 year lease, had no problems with it at all on it. Which is one reason why I got another MX3.

General Comments:

I have horses and tend to use this car as a portable tack room. I can also lay down the back seats and load it up with 8 foot lumber. This is not just a cute car, it is a DIY minivan.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2003