1998 Mazda MX3 RS 1.6i DOHC from UK and Ireland


Rather rare Mazda coupe with large following on the internet



General Comments:

Bigger more "sensible" and practical 2+2 sporting brother of the Mazda MX-5.

You can actually get 4 passengers in this sports coupe - even though it looks like a 2 seater.

108 Bhp engine adequate for everyday in the city driving - good acceleration, economical on fuel, NOT "lethal" to drive.

Mind boggling cornering ability.

Stops on a dime with its 4 disc brakes.

Excellent aerodynamics at motorway speeds - stays glued to the highway.

Futuristic sporty driving position.

Visibility is rather very good for the shape - but configure your seat & mirrors for maximum all round visibility.

You sit IN this car - it seems to wrap around you!

No loss of street credibility driving this coupe - it has a body to die for.

Practical boot space - can be expanded by folding rear seats.

Interior is spartan but adequate just like all true sports cars should be - you concentrate on your driving, not fiddling with gimmicky gadgets.

Dashboard well laid out.

Electric pack includes Pop-up and slide back sunroof, power windows, central locking & adjustable headlights.

This IS a sports car, buy it not for the power, but the adequate performance and beautiful slinky "Porsche 911-nesque" body shape.

Cheap "pose-mobile" that will not break the bank insurance wise.

Very reliable 1.6i DOHC engine - starts and goes everyday without missing a beat.

Trivia: The MX-3 was actually used as one of the futuristic (background) cars in the movie "I, Robot" - apparently on account of its still futuristic looking body, despite being introduced originally in 1991!

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2005

8th Jul 2005, 23:23

There is no such thing as a 98 Mazda MX-3 RS. Mazda quits making the MX-3's in 96!!!

6th Jul 2006, 01:52

I also have a Mazda MX 3 1998 model, although mine is the 1.8 V6 model, and I don't think it's an RS! Any clues on what BHP my car has? Can I get it chipped/add a supercharger? Do you know any websites with info??? Any help would be appreciated.

3rd Oct 2006, 10:17

I also have a Mazda MX3 1998. It is silver in colour and has barely a mark on it. It goes very well indeed and was bought from a dealer with full service history and 'log book' document. The person who says they stopped making them in 1996 is talking pure rubbish.

2nd Nov 2006, 13:05

I owned a Mazda MX-3 1.8i V6 on a "R" plate. One of the last UK spec cars to come off the production line. Best car I ever bought. I have even seen an MX3 on an S plate.

11th Dec 2009, 13:09

I have a red MX3 V6 on a R plate; I love it. However parts are expensive, but the car is quick once past 3000, but I think visibility is poor; looking right on a roundabout, you need to stop because you cant see over the barrier. Also the rearview mirror is too low and obstructs the left view in my opinion, but I am 6 foot 2 and 18 stone ha ha!

29th Jun 2011, 02:57

Sorry, it's a bit late for my comment. In Jan 2010 I sold my 38k black MX3 1998 S reg as I wanted a bigger car. This was the worst mistake I ever made. It had no fancy gadgets like modern day cars, but it was reliable to a t. For 13 years old, it looked sexy and fantastic too. But thanks to ebay I managed to locate a 98 R on 90k to tide me over until some pensioner unearths one from their garage with 25k on it, well you never know the S-reg was off ebay 23k back in 2009... Mmmm should have kept it, what a twit.