17th Apr 2004, 10:04

I drive a 96 MX-3 GS and would say the mileage is good... for a sports car.

Yes, when it hits the "E" line it has about 10-15L left in the tank... which is kinda funny.

I have gotten 10km/L on average with lots of city driving... and have had 12km/L on highway (note that my car is at 85000kms)

One thing I do is only put in 89 or 92 octane gas... (it says 90 in the owners manual) It really runs a lot better.

Also, I tend only to use Chevron gas here in canada as it works better for some reason.

18th Oct 2004, 17:34

Regarding fuel economy... this engine was put in to use in 92 so you can't compare to a newer car like an expensive BMW. How mush is it going to cost the to fix the BMW? Heh the MX3 has a very high reliability rating so once again you can't lose. Also I have never been able to squeeze in more than 44.5 liters even when driving on fumes and over flowing the tank. More importantly it's so much fun who cares if a car with a 4 cylinder gets better mileage... a 4 banger isn't going sound/feel as good as this little V6 (brand new cars excluded), no matter how good the mileage. Also I just took a rich girl on a first date today, and she loved the feel and sound of my car "so much nicer than a Honda" were her exact words. She thought my car was a 2000 or up model... still proves the looks are fresh and attractive. The MX3 will always be remembered as the little Gem Mazda should have kept on building, just ask anyone who has owned one.

24th Jul 2006, 03:05

Yup! I have a UK MX3 SE 1.8litre 24valve DOHC fuel injected v6 that puts out 126bhp standard and hits 0-60mph in around 8 seconds!!! SE gives me leather and suede upholstery thrown in. I got a really nice pair of good fitting seat covers so I could drink coke without ruining the suede.

I just purchased a 'piggy back' chip mod for the air flow sensor and a 'fuel saver' magnetic clip for the fuel line for under $10US. And an induction kit is on it's way - as if it didn't sound sweet enough :) Apparently the air intake on the MX3 is restricted by it's situation with the bonnet.

This alone will give me a 20-30bhp boost. That is without a steel exhaust or a power fuel pump which could increase the horses to around 170bhp. That is the theory anyway!

Have to see how it performs on the mean streets of Sandown, Isle of Wight...

Still not bad for under $50!

Am I correct in thinking the 1.8 is the smallest production v6 and also has a quad cam (DOHC front and rear bank of cylinders)?

Matt :) ) ) )

9th Nov 2007, 15:29

"Am I correct in thinking the 1.8 is the smallest production V6 and also has quad cams."

Yes and yes.