2000 Mazda MX5 from North America


Affordable, reliable, fun/slick looking car!


I had to get a clutch job done around 90,000 miles. But that is expected, and I don't blame Mazda for it.

Power window slowed down around 90,000 miles as well, but no major problems.

General Comments:

I got in an accident with a CR-V during the first month I got the car. That's when I realized how strongly Mazda Miatas were built. Even with the damage that completely deformed the rear quarter panel, it runs strong without any fixes.

Its reliability is a pleasant surprise.

Performance-wise, most people think that going fast is what determines performance. It is certainly not a car made to be driven fast, but the handling is great.

It has a short shift stick, so it is very fun to drive around.

My Miata has went over 100,000 miles now, and is still running like a champ! A good buy.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2011

2000 Mazda MX5 LR 1.8 from Japan


Comfortable, stylish plus and superb road holding


Door let in a lot of water one rainy day.

Clutch part needed replacing because of 1st gear shudder.

Coil and plugs replaced when car would not restart when warm.

General Comments:

Now that I have had my free repairs it is going well.

The clutch worried me during first month, but the dealer was great and fixed clutch.

The NR is a LTD edition of 500 here in Japan. Wooden steering wheel, leather seats, plum color, cream roof.

It has been well looked after by 2 previous Japanese owners; I am British.

It is all I wanted in my first sports car.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2008

2000 Mazda MX5 LS 1.8 from North America


It'd be a great second car..


The EGR valve and Throttle Body valve were congested with carbon deposits and had to be cleaned as they were causing a rough idle. This was about $200.

At the same time, the clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder went out while I was driving down the road. This was another $400 and the towing to get it to the dealership was nearly $100.

A week later, the idle got rough again and it turned out to be the coil pack ignition system which was another $450.

A week after that, the oil drain plug fell out. Fortunately I caught it before it caused any serious problems. This was only $26 for the plug and oil.

The top had to be replaced when I bought it which was about $1000. I knew that, though, getting into the car.

General Comments:

I love to look at this car and it's a blast to drive. After reading several reviews on this site, I thought I was getting into a reliable car to get me through college. fortunately I didn't sell my BMW before I had all these problems so I wasn't left stranded for long. Oddly enough though the dealer doesn't stock oil drain plugs for these cars. It had to sit about 50 miles away from my house while I waited on a plug to be shipped in. once again, the BMW came to the rescue. The windows work still, but they are very slow and the leather seats are wearing out prematurely. The glove box is drooping a little, but it still locks properly so I'm not too worried about it and the console hinge is broken.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2007

2000 Mazda MX5 1.8 is 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Great Sunday drive car


The passenger side door doesn't unlock through the central locking anymore. Needs a new actuator, but cannot be bothered yet to fix it.

General Comments:

Coming from a V6 Alfa I convinced myself that power and speed was not everything and chose a car which had a reputation for an enjoyable drive without bankrupting me on running costs. All the reviews were good so I found myself a very good example after a long search. After 6 months ownership I still like the Mazda, but I really think that Mazda should have put a better engine in to make it a really good drive. The engine is harsh and isn't a joy to use especially when you push it. But this car is only good at Sunday drives with the hood down on a twisty back road and not on long motorway journeys as the noise is excessive to say the least. It doesn't stir the soul like the Alfa, but the Mazda is fairly cheap to run and reliable. A really good second car which will always sell on easy with a good return.

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Review Date: 20th November, 2006

30th Jan 2017, 01:36

I've had an Alfa and it didn't stir my soul at all. It just frustrated me. Bad engineering is not desirable.