31st Oct 2009, 08:50

Thanks for the comment :)

I am still enjoying my Eunos very much. I don't know if I will ever get rid of it, just so much fun.

I've spent a lot of money on it so far bringing it back into tip top shape, new roof, rust proofing, cam belt, a few other cosmetic bits and pieces, but overall it's been hugely reliable.

The only drawback is the poor fuel economy. You can empty a tank in less than 180 miles if you drive hard! Even when not driving hard, you'd be lucky to get much more than 250 miles. It costs £50 to fill up. Good job all my miles are for pleasure. The supercharger compounds this thirst by requiring super unleaded too - there is no knock sensor on these cars, and forced induction increases the likelyhood of knock!

That said, I still think it's worth supercharging these cars, and the main difference for me isn't so much the increase in acceleration, it's more about the torque. It makes it feel like you've got a small V8 under the bonnet, it's got a punchy midrange now and gives the car a more effortless demeanour, which I like, but it will still deliver the same kind of response when you are in the mood for a proper hoon as when it's NA, which is nice.

I had thought about going for a big turbo conversion to get up to 250 bhp, but then I think that may spoil this car a little - it will become dominated by its performance, which would take the spotlight off the handling capabilities somewhat. I think < 200 bhp is ideal in these cars as it means you can actually utilise all of the performance, and I prefer supercharging to turbo charging as I prefer the sound and driving characteristics. Turbos will be ultimately faster though.

The car has converted me to the benefits of a RWD drivetrain and I would no longer ever wish to go back to a car that was FWD for fun - they feel so one-dimensional in comparison.