3rd May 2005, 13:39

Agree re: judder - mine has done it from new, especially in reverse. Hope it is not a precursor to a failure. I have lived with it because even though have had from new I don't trust any garage to remedy any fault; usually they make things worse. So, "if it ain't broke don't fix it", as they say. Fingers crossed, lol. The problem is usually only from cold in morning, reversing off drive. I have just had car serviced at 35,000 miles and new clutch fluid seems to have helped. I think this is 1st time clutch fluid has been done in a long time - maybe an optional remedy?

I love the car dearly, but considering a change - the paint is very soft, I feel. Chips/scratches all too easily. Fuel consumption is rather too heavy in my view and I do not drive aggressively.

Couple of other flaws to note as per clutch design flaw -

I needed a new boot after 3yrs (!) - was rusting. I was puzzled and enquired about this and persisted. Transpires a large batch of 2001 boots were wrongly welded, allowing water to penetrate boot skin and lie therein in boot lip above number plate. Mazda wouldn't comment why they didn't issue a recall if this was a known fault... similarly, I have had new rear discs at 35,000 miles! Very expensive and I have NEVER known any car consume rear discs at such a low mileage. I have written to Mazda UK to comment. I expect some offer of recompense because this is unacceptable - again, using cheap Ford parts-bin components?

Also be aware that the little MX5 tends to be hungry on tyres, for a car of its minimal weight/modest power - especially front tyres.

Don't get me wrong, it's a lovely car, but I think in latter years Mazda got complacent and took eye off the ball re: quality, etc - I mean, after making millions of them how can they suddenly start mis-welding the boot seams and then KNOW the fact, but not issue a recall? Very naughty...

Next year I shall be looking at Z4; the styling is a tad odd, but for the money it will be worth the quality.

Unless that is, VW buys the rights to the MGF and starts making them to VW standards? Now that WOULD be interesting!!

Enjoy the summer!

1st Nov 2005, 08:41

Looking at the VW reviews and comments on here, I suspect the VW version of the F would be worse than the MG one! The main difference would be the doubling of service and repair costs!

I swear by the MX-5. I'm on my third (one of each mk) and all have been faultless. I am aware that clutch judder is a known issue however, but it doesn't affect all cars (mine's on 66k and still fine)

28th Nov 2009, 15:59

The judder problem is well known. Mine suffers from it. The driving solution to it is to use more revs and drag the clutch more when pulling away from a standstill. It's a pain in traffic though. And obviously not good for longevity.

I'm surprised that no-one seems to mention the MX5s real achilles heel in these reviews and that is rust in the sills. Mines a 2003 and requires work in that area already (yes the drain holes are ALWAYS kept clear), Mazdas poor spot welding at the back doesn't help the issue in MK2 and 2.5s.

Alloys corrode very early on a lot too - had to have mine refurbed at 6 years old, which wasn't great as I've got a Trilogy.