1991 Mazda Navajo LX 4 L from North America


I would have this car before I bought a new one, and keep even if I did


The power locks/doors stopped working of a few occasions.

The solenoids filled with water and the cars stopped when driving in flood conditions in Texas.

Thermostat was replaced on two occasions.

Check engine light came on many times if speeds exceeded 80 miles per hour, but eventually turned off.

The low gear on the Four Wheel Drive control stopped working.

Several cables corroded, rubber lines were replaced, as well as some wiring, but mostly just minor replacements.

Starter was replaced once.

Muffler seem to need replacement more often than it should.

Front-end bushing and brake pads were replaced several times.

Plastic exterior pieces faded, while interior plastic pieces are starting to break.

General Comments:

This car handle amazing considering the hype about the SUV, roll-over problems. I hit some oil slick on the freeway during a seldom down pour in Phoenix, slid back and forth 4 to 5 times and regained control. I could see that a driver who freaks out and over-compensates could be prone to a roll over.

This car was in Germany for 3 years, driving on the autobahns at autobahn speeds several times a week. It handled the road superbly and solicited looks of awe as I passed many German motorists. It's acceleration isn't the fastest, but it maintains speed very well.

Very comfortable and roomy, providing for ample adjustment from small to large drivers.

I love the individually folding back seats.

Over-all, the Ford wiring isn't top notch, but the car is very durable and handles surprisingly well.

If you take care of this car, this car will take care of you and your pocket book.

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Review Date: 28th August, 2003

1994 Mazda Navajo 4x4 from North America


Not the fastest, but good reliable car


Not very much has gone wrong with it.

I did have some major problems with the brake light switch. I had it replaced about once every 2 years or so for about 6 years. I don't know if this was just the mechanic that replaced them or not.

I had the clutch replaced at about 140000 miles. This may have been because both my step mother and my self learned to drive on it.

For some reason it was giving me intermediate (every once in a while) issues starting and I took it to a mechanic a couple of times, but they couldn't find anything wrong with it. They replaced a few things that could be the problem, but that didn't work and it started doing it again so they replace a few more things and something in there must have worked because it hasn't done it since. That was at about 150000 miles.

I also had to replace the thermostat because it over heated on me while driving on the interstate.

General Comments:

Now that it's starting to get old the wheel bearings are starting to go and will have to be replaced soon.

It shakes a little when it gets above 65mph not as noticable after I had the wheels aligned.

I have kept up on the oil changes and regular wear and tear problems.

Love the fact that the back seat fold one at a time so you can fold up one for more luggage space, but still have a back seat for a passenger.

The fact that it's only two doors makes it not the best family car.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2003

1994 Mazda Navajo LX 4X4 4.0L V6 from North America


A capable off- road vehicle, with excellent street handling!


At 105,000 miles the transmission started to make sporadic shifting errors, but it still runs very well. The errors occur very rarely though.

General Comments:

The vehicle is surprisingly agile. It is capable of very quick maneuvers without the threat of rolling over, like in some other light duty trucks.

The steering is amazing well designed for this type of car. The turning radius is excellent.

The Navajo's leather/ vinyl interior is very pleasing, and is comfortable as well. The seats are very easy to clean and maintain, as for the rest of the interior.

There is a fair amount of space in the engine compartment, which makes home servicing very easy. A person can reach nearly all engine components without much trouble.

Sadly the vehicle lacks acceleration, although it is surprisingly fast once it gets moving.

I love my Navajo, I do not think I will ever sell it. It is a very well built, sturdy, rugged, comfortable, and practical machine!

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Review Date: 14th August, 2002

1993 Mazda Navajo LX (4X2) 4.0L EFI V6 from North America


Maintain a vehicle, and it'll last like luggage!


Surprisingly only a few minor things:

Shock for the rear lift-gate glass.

Minor rattle under the dash.

Has Explorer/Navajo shake at 65.

General Comments:

I love it! My Navajo is a 2WD, with the 3.37 LS axle. So in comparison to most of the SUV's of the same vintage this one really moves out!

That Ford 4.0L, just keeps on chugging, both down the road, and gallons of gas.

I installed a remote starter/alarm, and with nearly 146k on the clock it has never left me stranded, and always fires up in the morning with the touch of a button.

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Review Date: 5th March, 2001