23rd Apr 2003, 15:03

I am an owner of a 1995 Mazda protege' and I have not had any problems, except 1 idle-ing complication. It was very shaky at a stop sign or red light and was starting to give me headaches. I had that fixed while it was still young, and it has 171,000 miles and still putting along-I am about to buy a 2000 Mazda Protege' and it is even nicer. I am so very glad that I bought my first Mazda.

Zach, LaCrosse-WI.

16th May 2003, 14:39

I had the same experience with the catalytic converter. Starting at about 30,000 miles the check engine light came on after the car started sputtering on the start. I took the car to the originating dealer and after running their diagnostic, they told me that the spark plugs were bad (I just had gotten the plugs done) and the catalytic converter. I got the spark plugs done (by my mechanic) and the catalytic converter changed by the dealer since it was under warranty. Fast forward about 4 months and only a couple more thousand miles and the result is 2 more replaced catalytic converters and O2 sensor. By that time I wasn't going to the same dealership. After about 3 months of getting my last catalytic converter, the check engine light came on again -- this time I was past my warranty -- and the problem was attributed to a bad MAP sensor. The dealer still fixed it for free -- that was the good thing -- since the problem traced back to when the car was only at 30K miles.

Since then, couple minor problems that I could live with, nothing major or expensive. But I do doubt that I would buy another Protege just because the way the first dealer treated me.

J. Wangner

Northern Virginia

5th Jun 2003, 10:47

I have a 2000 Mazda Protege ES and I have had too many troubles with it. I have had to have the auto lock replaced on two of the doors and now need a third one done. The weather stripping keeps coming off and leaving black sticky tar on the paint and anything else it touches. I have had to replace the battery 4 times now. I have had a rattle in the engine compartment that everyone seems to notice except for people who work at the dealership. My car is an automatic and the transmission keeps slipping, yet it never happens to the people at the dealership when I take it in for repair. And today, my transmission is stuck in 1st gear, my battery light came on (I just put in a new battery 2 months ago), and my airbag light is flashing. I am sure, however, when I take it to the dealership they will insist that nothing is wrong. I am very disappointed in my Mazda and the service I have received (not received?) at several of their dealerships!!!

5th Jun 2005, 14:37

I also own a 2000 Mazda Protégé ES, and have had more problems than I think I should have. I bought the car new in 2000 and at 52,000 miles (just past warranty) I heard a noise and took it to the dealership. I had to replace my standard transmission. My extended warranty would only put in a used one, so that is what I did. A thousand miles later on my way back from a trip, I was left stranded in GA, 6 hours from home, with the replaced transmission. The dealership that replaced the transmission said they could only help me if I was in the local area and was on my own, they guess I should have paid the extra to put in a new one. Once I got that fixed in GA, I found they did not bolt it back on all the way and only had one of the three bolts holding in my transmission. This was from a 5 Star dealership. Then at 88,000 miles my check engine light comes on and I take it to the dealership and now my catalytic converter has to be replaced. The warranty on the converter expired at 85,000 miles, just my luck. Now I am trying to find a replacement without having to pay $800.00 to the dealership. I know that I won't buy another Protégé, and from my service experiences at the Mazda dealerships, I won't be buying another Mazda.

26th Dec 2005, 18:24

We bought a 1997 Mazda Protege as our first new car. Within several weeks of owning the car it began idling poorly-Mazda could not diagnose the problem, nor could our personal mechanic-wiring harness, distributor cap and plugs were changed; this has never been fixed per Se, but the car runs better on premium fuel. Engine light has been coming on over the past several weeks, no fix yet after several visits-O2 sensor has been replaced, mechanic suggests replacing the catalytic converter (sounds like this is a theme with the protege). We are looking for a new car now-we will not buy another Mazda.

28th Jan 2006, 15:07

What does the car do when the transmission slips, does this happen when it is in drive going on the highway?

23rd Feb 2006, 19:37

In response to the question about the slipping transmission, my 99 had this infamous clunk and I mean a clunk where it felt like I was leaving the transmission on the road. It happened like once a year in the 6 years and 85k miles I put on it and nothing ever came of it. Other than normal things happening and a broken timing belt (that I did not change at the recommended 60k) the car always started, always ran and I loved till it was destroyed when I was rear ended - I just replaced it with what I thought was a perfect 2000 with 77k...on the drive home I started hearing a weird clanking in the back when I put on the brakes...but it's got a 2 mos. warranty... so I'm going to cross my fingers and hope for the best! But the clunking transmission never resulted in anything else.

20th Feb 2007, 17:08

I have 2000 Mazda Protege that ran well until last Month. Two weeks after I had a 800 mile trip, the engine started to cut off. It runs smooth for 30 seconds or 1 minute, then there is a sudden drop of power and the car hesitates. The symptom is more obvious when driving at relative high speed (> 50 miles/hour) but is also frequent at lower speed, especially when I accelerate too fast (>3000 rpm). It is not the Mass Airflow Sensor (MAS, recalled by the company) as it was replaced in 2002. I sent the car to two shops for diagnosis. One of them assured me that it was the engine, but not the transmission. The other technician thought it was the crankshaft position sensor, which turned out to be incorrect. Does anybody experience a similar problem or have any suggestions?

26th Jun 2007, 16:20

Check your hoses as I've mentioned earlier.

30th Aug 2007, 23:39

I have a 2000 Protege ES with 75,000 miles. I had the door lock problems and oxygen sensor problems like you won't believe. Now my transmission is stuck on D (code a friend got from the car computer). Does anyone know what the fix to this may be?