13th Aug 2002, 14:13

I have a 1997 Protege which now has 160,000km. Only the "engine light" problem has been seen. Mazda promptly replaced the computer which was under warranty at the time (about two years ago). No problems with anything since, and I drive it hard.

12th Oct 2002, 17:52

I have had my 99 LX for 1 year. Check engine light came on also and had that repaired. Now, I have a problem with the engine stuttering... coming out of a stop sign and the car gasping and jumping trying to go. Someone told me this was a recall problem. Anyone?

16th Oct 2002, 10:15

Those door seal problems are very minor, I had that when I bought mine and fixed it myself, but you have to be careful when reinserting the door seals.

You need to line up the bottom lip to the groove in the metal, then simply place pressure on the seal so that the seal sits down square in the frame.

Very easy to do, and you will see what I mean if you look at it.

That engine light was a North America only recall, after spending 15 minutes on the phone with Mazda Australia they were able to inform me that the ignition coils are different upon regions, IE the ignition coils in North America need to be stronger to withstand colder climates.

Was your car the first in the series? the problems your having sound like things that happen in the first batch of cars from a production line - while the workers figure out how to do things etc.

29th Oct 2002, 21:44

I purchased a 1999 Protege from Car Max on the 2nd of this month. The next day the check engine light came on. After they had it for 3 days they determined the O2 sensor was bad and replaced it under warranty. I got my vehicle back and again the next day the light came on. This time it was the converter. Then, a week later the actuator in my drivers door went out and the brakes needed to be replaced. It is now 2 weeks later and I'm having transmission problems. I've heard Mazda's were great cars, but mine has prooven just the opposite. Car max's service team is wonderful, but at the same time, enough is enough.

7th Nov 2002, 15:18

I have owned a '96 Protege for two years now and only needed to replace the battery (at 84,000 miles). The locking mechanism that controls all locks in the vehicle pulled away from the panel on the door, but I can live with that. Now, at 86,000 miles I am in the process of replacing the timing belt and water pump (they are not bad, it is simply time to do so as a maintenance and precautionary measure). I can detect a slight grinding sound coming from the back when the brakes are applied which indicates to me that the brakes will need some work. I do not drive the car hard, nor overuse the brakes, so this must either be from a previous owner's rough handling of the vehicle or simply an age problem. The gas pedal sticks if the car is driven cold, therefore, I always let it idle for a good five to ten minutes before I drive it, which should be done with any vehicle. All in all, I have been very lucky with this automobile. Once I retire it, I will most definitely purchase another Mazda!

28th Nov 2002, 19:17

You are all a bunch of nut bars. Mazda Protege is one of the most reliable cars in Canada, and has won numerous awards to prove it. I own a 1999 Protege SE and the only problem I have had is that the car is too hot in the summer - I opted not to get air. Runs great, unreal with gas, looks fantastic (when I decide to clean it), and has required the least amount of attention of any car I have ever owned. By the way, my Protege is now at 170,000 km - you work that out in miles!

P.S. I have switched dealerships simply because I moved from Victoria, British Columbia to Toronto, Ontario and both dealerships (Pacific Mazda and Dave Wood Mazda) have provided me with unmatchable customer service - that is to say they have both been amazing.

Mazda keeps this combo going - great product and service - I will be making my way into a showroom soon to purchase a Miata. Way to go Mazda.

3rd Feb 2003, 18:01

I have a 99 Protege, and it has almost 96000 km. A week ago my check engine light came on. The computer showed two problems: "Manifold Absolute Pressure Performance Problem" and "System Too Lean". The mechanic couldn't find anything wrong with the car, so he reset the computer. The next day, the engine light came on again. Reading some of the comments here, I'll have to take it to the dealership next, although I don't like the service and my warranty probably ran out.

When I first bought the car, I had a Windshield seal problem, which gave wind noises all the time, and it took the dealership 4 times to fix the problem. The rear door seal is coming off now, even though the door is not used often.

I don't think I'll buy another Mazda again, mostly due to the poor service that I received in the past 4 years, and this engine light problem now didn't help.

3rd Feb 2003, 23:36

We loved our '97 Protege so much that 2 years later we bought a '99. However, at about 85,000 the '97 needed a valve job ($2000+), then the AC compressor went out, then the front shocks went... that was when we traded it in for a Toyota Tacoma! Now our '99 Protege, at about 90,000, is beginning to act how the other did just before the valve job. Is it the valves? The automatic transmission? I don't know, but I do know that when I buy a vehicle, I expect it to last a LONG time... and I won't be buying another Mazda.

27th Feb 2003, 13:00

I had no problems with that vehicle until this morning when the engine light went on and the throttle kept changing on me on the highway. I took it to Mazda 220 on sources and they were not helpful at ll. well this is not the first time that they were not helpful. they told me to drive it at my own risk till Monday and today is Thursday... any commments.

28th Mar 2003, 09:23

I have a 1999 Mazda Protege and I have been having the same problem like everybody else. My engine light keeps coming back on. I took it to my local auto shop and still the engine light came back on within days. Then I took it back to the auto shop and they still could not figure out what was wrong with my car. So they took it to the the Mazda dealership. There were many problems wrong with my car and it cost a lot to fix. Then my car did not want to go after I came to a complete stop. That was very scary when there is another car coming toward me and my car did not want to go. I step on the gas pedal so hard and still it did not want to go. I do not want another experience like this, but since I don't have money for a new car I have to drive my Mazda. There is no more zoom-zoom.