23rd Oct 2004, 07:29

My '97 Protege' has been a good, reliable car. So far, I have over 170,000 miles on it and no problems with the drive train. We did have a mechanic do something to the O2 sensors which caused us to have to replace them, but otherwise the car has proved to be reliable. I do agree with your comments about the acceleration. It can go fast, but the lack of power means that you have to plan lane changes carefully. While I am happy with my Mazda, I am concerned that there are quite a few people that have had bad experiences with them. I would like to see Mazda do well and if Ford's relationship with Mazda is part of the problem, I hope that the company will re-evaluate the way it operates and enjoy the benefits of an improved Mazda product.

25th Nov 2005, 21:11

I think I have to agree with the 2nd responder. CV Joints and an Alternator on a car of over 100k miles isn't bad at all. All totaled it sounds like you've put maybe $200-$400 worth of parts into the car plus labor (assuming you can't do the repairs yourself).

You didn't mention any drive train problems (trans or engine) so I'm guessing they're still holding up well.

Truthfully, I think most people would be thankful if that was all the problems they've had with their car.

13th Dec 2005, 09:43

I concur about O2 sensor and battery, but Alternator and CV joint are wear and tear parts?? I think you sell Mazda in your spare time. Anyway, I guess I expected a higher quality from a Japanese product just because I have seen higher quality Japanese products.

23rd Jun 2006, 15:16

I have been lucky (and I know it) with my Protege LX. It has 180,000kms or 112,500 miles on it, and I am the original owner.

I am a rather spirited driver who doesn't kill the car, but push it! Its highway passing power is a little short, especially in the crazy Toronto Highway, you Toronto people know what I mean!!! But otherwise, it is a great reliable, cool little car that barely even sips gas, which is great with the prices now!

I have had timing belts (2), went into a ditch once, and ran into a shed with my car, and it's still holding together well considering, except the paint due to the accident (s)!!!

If you can get a hold on one, do it, treat yourself!!! It would be a great car for a small family, single person or even a student... it's cool and cheap, what more could you want???

25th Jun 2006, 00:22

"Relative of Ford or not?"

Barely; Ford owns a 33.4% share in Mazda, but Ford seems to be borrowing from Mazda rather than the other way around.

13th Nov 2006, 09:56

My Mazda seems to shake all around at 75-80mph

13th May 2007, 19:13

Personally, I find my '97 Protege with the manual transmission seems to make a world of difference as far as power goes... boo to automatics!! Otherwise it got tonnes of miles on her and still going... Bravo Mazda!