19th Aug 2007, 20:03

I agree with above statement: maybe your driving habits should be in question. Or, maybe you should tell us if you have ever had your transmission flushed and new fluid added. Or better yet, whether or not you had even checked your transmission fluid during the 120,000 miles. They are some key factors in making sure that your automatic transmission has enough adequate fluid to shift properly.

As for the second transmission, was it new or rebuilt? Maybe do some research into that and find out if they were licensed mechanics who installed it.

30th Sep 2007, 13:19

People are so quick to jump to the defense of foreign cars. I bet if this person was talking about a Chevy transmission going out at 120000 miles you wouldn't defend it at all! Who is REALLY running this website? I see a lot of bias here. Don't bother telling me how I'm wrong, because I've owned Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Honda, and Nissan and I've had to do work on all of them (and yes I do proper and routine maitenance on my cars). Foreign cars are not better. My opinion is from personal experience; not what a magazine or commercial told me to believe.

11th Sep 2008, 20:58

OK, so then why do you only buy foreign makes? That's a reason right? What make do you drive? I bet it's a foreign make. Of course nothing is perfect and a car will always need to be maintained, but quality of foreign cars vs local cars speaks for itself.

8th Feb 2011, 07:03

I drive a 2002 Mazda Protege, and that car has been the very best to me it is (standard) and has 245 000 kms on it.

And it is true that regular maintenance is needed to keep your car running well. So far I can't complain; I have changed the back brakes and drums, and the front brakes and rotors, along with a minor tune up (plugs, wires, air filter, fuel filter) and regular oil change. You can't say they're junk; I have had no problems with mine at all.