1989 Mazda RX7 Convertible 13 B 1.3 from North America


Sleek, sexy little zip around town


A coolant seal went bad internally in motor. Total tear down of motor to replace. Cheap part, expensive labor!!

Probably due to many, many trips to 8,000 RPM.

Wiper control knob only works in low. High and intermediate are dead. Who drives a convertible in the rain anyways?? Occasionally the weather changes in a moment's notice in Oregon which can be frustrating without fine control of wipers.

The resume switch doesn't work, but the rest of the cruise control works perfectly.

Occasionally the passenger window won't go up. It's electric. I take door panel off and use a jumper wire to roll it up. Takes a Phillips screwdriver and 10 min.

My size 12 foot sometimes hits the gas while braking. Bare foot driving is best for me.

I believe the RX7 is rated at 169 H.P. It needs more. I'm researching exhaust and head work to up the motors output.

General Comments:

I've read other coments about the convertible RX7 and find it hard to believe a gentleman 6 feet tall don't fit, even with the top down. I'm 6 feet tall and have ample room. I like the seat laid back quite far and I still have some adjustment backward if needed. No, my legs are not bent 90 degrees. I like my legs stretched out.

I owned a Porsche 1989 944 before the 1989 RX7 and it's a toss up. The Porsche got better gas mileage and is the only thing it does better than the RX7.

With a conventional drive train layout, the RX7 seems almost perfectly balanced. The Porsche's front motor with the trans-axle located in the rear was VERY well balanced. (944s have motors in front, unlike most other models) but not any more than the RX7. I'm sure it's because of the 1.3 Lt motor that my 9 year old son could probably lift by himself, light, very light.

The car performs perfect. Smooth, quick, rips thru the corners and stops on a dime. Great car for 1989 technology!!

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Review Date: 8th July, 2007

1989 Mazda RX7 cabriolet turbo ll from Denmark


Magnificent low cost sports car


Trunk did not open from inside. The cable had slipped out of the release button left of the drivers seat and was easily reconnected.

The car loosed power when turning into a sharp left corner. Cleaning the fuel pump filter with acetone solved the problem.

General Comments:

This is the fastest car I have ever owned. It is so fun to drive and it corners like a dream! The engine sounds great. It loves to reeve and the sound between 5.500 and 6.500 rpm is really awesome! I get 7 km/l (14l/100km) in average and 8.2 km/l (12l/100km) in the highway. It looks great with the hood up and absolutely beatifull topless.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2007

22nd Dec 2009, 15:14

My 1991 RX-7 Turbo Convertible was tuned up to 330 bhp. This was done in 2000. It is my "summer car" now, so it just does 4000 km/year average. It makes the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 5 seconds, and it goes on like hell until over 250 km/h. By then gas mileage is hell too; over 20 l/100 km... but who cares? In the early 90's, in the US it was called the Porsche-killer.

1989 Mazda RX7 GTU 13B rotary from North America


It does what a sports car should do


I have only had the car a short time, and I bought it from a person who was fed up with the flooding problem. So far, a coolant leak and plugged fuel injectors have been the only problem. I overheated the engine recently, and I am crossing my fingers that I have not permanently damaged the engine. The catalytic converter is also broken off, just before the exhaust "Y," making the car sound like a World War II fighter plane with a five speed.

General Comments:

So, far, I love the car. I also have a 1982 RX7 that I have modified somewhat. The 1989 GTU will leave the 1982 behind, but not by much.. It corners like a cat on carpet, and highway touring with the car is like flying a jet really close to the ground. "Wheel hop off the line hinders drag strip starts, but once under way, the RX7 is explosively fast." Car and Driver, 1988. I would have to agree, but the GTU suspension and quiet interior will mislead you to believe that it is not accelerating as fast as it really is. I believe this car would likely pull a 15 second quarter mile, a feat that my 1966 Barracuda, with a 273 V8 would do only on its best day. The car still has the stock stereo, which I will likely give to the thrift store. Being over six feet tall, I find the seats in the GTU to be too stiff and tall. The sunroof in the 1989 could have been bigger, perhaps the same size and layout of my 1982.

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Review Date: 5th March, 2004

15th Nov 2005, 09:19

Flooding problem is a part of these models. They were born with it. Unless you have a turbo 2 or series 5, you need to fix this, but it is real cheap! You only need to install a switch that cuts the fuel pump, so if it wouldn't start, you cut the fuel, it picks up the revs, and you turn the pump back on. Easy! The series 5 simply has this function built into the accelerator (only on the "turbo 2" models that I'm aware of)! If it floods, you hold down the accelerator to the floor, and ECU knows to cut the fuel because your starting the car. Once the revs pick up, you let off the accelerator, and she fires up.

Knowledge is power!

1989 Mazda RX7 Convertible 1.3L 13B Rotary from North America


Good performance, great fun!


Oil metering pump failed.

Failed to start several times due to flooding; a common problem in rotary engines; this can be avoided. They must be at normal operating temperature before you shut them off, because the fuel in the ignition chamber will not burn up, thus it is left in the engine, and now you have a flood.

General Comments:

Not as quick as a Corvette, but hitting the 8100 RPM red line before you shift is a pure adrenaline rush!


Hey, it's a convertible.

Awesome stock stereo.

Comfortable interior, everything is in the right place.

Ride is very firm. Upgrading the tires improved its long distance drive.

Not much room for luggage on long getaways, but for the weekender it works fine.

Use online sources for replacement parts, they tend to be expensive locally.

A good place to start is rx7club.com/forum

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Review Date: 26th January, 2002

30th Oct 2005, 15:59

I completely agree. Never buy any parts off of a local shop. You can usually get a better replacement part on line for less than the dealer would give you the stock part.