5th Jul 2001, 20:18

Man get dual fattys, roar down the streets and rebuild the engine and put a lil NOS in this baby and you will kill any car.

22nd Nov 2001, 20:32

I have an 87 I traded a old mail car and $300 bucks for. Best trade I ever made! My car flooded quite often until I replaced a quarter sized plug above the manifold (only $2.10 from Mazda). I replaced the exhaust with generic larger pipe, and cat system. The electronics are truly possessed!

But, those problems aside, the Mazda is one tight handling car. Quite a bit of pep and very entertaining.

19th Aug 2002, 01:17

Yes the electrics on the Series 4 RX7 do seem to be 'possessed' although it has never posed any major problems to me.

Putting a high flow exhaust system on these cars makes the most amazing difference. My exhaust increased power by over 20hp and further gains were made with the assistance of a ram pod air filter. But it is a bit crazy as the whole lot cost me less than two replacement mufflers from Mazda!!!

25th Aug 2002, 17:27

I bought a 87 rx-7 turbo II it is faster than the corvettes that I have owned and camaros. There is nothing like blowing the doors off a new mustang in a small car like a rx-7.

13th Sep 2003, 13:11

B.M.G. here, just got an 87 rx7 looking for tips on increasing hp already have a cold air intake, and high flow dual mufflers in the works. any tips can be sent to bmguscg@yahoo.com.

14th Jan 2006, 23:53

I'm getting a 1987 rx7 twin turbo, 80,000 miles,rebuilt engine, anyone have any tips about why I should buy it or not please tell me, good1e2shoes@yahoo.com. I need to kno about the max cost to repair this car and so on, also what usually goes wrong and what I should ask the seller before buying. PS please send me an email and tell me, I would be very thankful :)

16th Jan 2007, 06:51

I Have an 1987 RX7 already upgraded the plugs and went to 8mm wires, took out the a/c box and custom exhaust. plan on switching the mechanical fan for a electronic one. any body have any tips they can give me on some hp gains with just some tweaking under the hood. oh yeah I am selling a 1987 RX7 non turbo with 110k on it. It has 17 inch black rims, 1 12" JBL and a JBL 600 watt amp, custom exhaust and much more, just give a price and we will make it happen.

18th Mar 2009, 19:58

I also just bought a 87 RX7 with the 13b rotary in it, just stock though.. its idle is way up there; I'm thinking it's an O2 sensor, but don't know much about these rotaries, so any ideas on making it faster and normal, please let me know. pimp_daddy_pimp@hotmail.com

20th Nov 2010, 06:25

For anyone with stalling and/or hard-to-start-when-hot problems... have your engine checked for leaky injectors.

If they fail, there's your problem.

Early injectors (at least up to '91) were of a poor design and would leak fuel into engine after shut down. This created a "flooded" condition, and made restarting a hot engine nearly impossible.

Mazda has since redesigned the fuel injectors so a simple replacement is all that's needed.

AFAIK, this applies to both turbo and non-turbo models.

11th Aug 2011, 12:32

I just bought one like yours with only 97K on it and a 4 seater! Good luck with yours :)