29th Mar 2011, 13:08

I also own a 2004 RX-8.

You do not have to buy an extended warranty. The dealership has to extend it to you for free up to 100,000 miles due to all the problems with this model. They won't tell you that for free, but trust me. Go in and tell them you know about it and want it in writing.

They already had to replace my engine, but it's back in the shop again after only 5800 miles with all the same problems.

Go tell them that you know this by talking to other owners. They will have to give it to you.

Good Luck!

29th Mar 2011, 13:36

Sorry to tell you, but I have had a RX-8 since 2004. I always left mine running at least 10 minutes, after a recall, and it would not start 2 weeks after buying it new. It have been back in to the dealership so many times I can't count. Had a new engine put in last year, and with only 5800 miles on it, it is back in the shop again. I read the book, and did everything right to take care of this car. They do not tell you, but they have an extended warranties on them for free up to 100,000 miles due to all the problems. Dealership fails to tell people this, but it's out there.

Today they tell me my problems are not covered by the warranty. They want over $2000 to repair it. I have done everything to take care of this car the way it should of been, but it is a lemon...

13th Apr 2011, 09:24

I don't know what to tell you guys.

I've had my 2004 model since December of 2003. Aside from regular maintenance and a few little things here and there (which should be expected from any car after 7 years), I haven't had to deal with all the problems that you guys have yet.

A failed engine after 5800 miles!? Sounds like a bad rebuild, unless you treat it ridiculously poorly. I just hit 80,000 on the original engine and I know of one guy who got 200,000 on his original '04 engine over an RX website.

I'm not saying you guys are doing something wrong, and the '04 engine definitely had some problems; but they've all been fixed by now with ECU flashes. So my impression at this point is that you guys are just part of the statistical bell curve. Sorry you guys had problems, but I don't think the entire line is affected. Especially the 2006 and above model years.

To those looking, yes some people have had bad luck with their 8s. But many more are like me and haven't had these issues. Treat this car right, and it will take care of you! How many people with cars that are fine go around posting about it? I'd guess not many.

16th Apr 2011, 15:34

Maybe you would think differently if you moved the car from the garage to the front of your house on a cold morning and it would not restart because it was turned off cold $700?

Or maybe if your drive to work was less than 2 miles and on a cold winter morning you had to make up a route to take you another mile or so out of your way, so when you got to work you could be reasonably sure it would restart?

Or maybe when the alternator quit on a mountainous road in Tennessee and and all the power to EVERYTHING disappeared and it took four days stranded in Tennessee to get a replacement part.

Or maybe when both engine mounts broke at 40,000 miles.

It is cute, but it is NOT well engineered.

21st Apr 2011, 04:42

Hi there, I have just read your post and was wondering how you are getting on with your new RX8? I will be getting one next week, but like you were, I'm getting rather worried after reading all the posts.

Thanks, Leahanne.

6th May 2011, 21:58

For everyone having flooding problems, who had to tow it to a dealer, there's a way to fix it yourself. You have to get the ECU COMP fuse out and try to start the engine for 10 seconds while holding down the accelerator, then reinsert the fuse, and that should do the trick. My RX8 has flooded twice, and I fixed it myself.

1st Jun 2011, 14:26

I have the 2004 RX-8. I got it new and loved the car. However, I've had many problems with it. Mainly the engine and brakes. I had my engine replaced at 71000 miles, and now at 123000, it failed again. The first time the company replaced it, but now I'm having to come out of my pocket to replace it when there is a known factory defect... Wow, will never buy another Mazda!!!

20th Feb 2012, 01:39

I would agree to some extent.

By the way, I own a 2004 RX8, and it's currently in my garage due to low power issues.

I believe that most RX8 owners don't realize, and me included until lately, that a RX8 is a lot like a Harley. I owned a Shovel Hardtail. Anyway, the vehicle requires knowledge and attention.

My low power issues are caused by the fact that the OEM coils are junk. They ground out on the casings, and cause low power. My point is I agree there is no point in whining, just search the web, and you will find answers to your issues. My RX8 will be on the road in a few months.

I do have a beef with Mazda however, because they omit information from you during their $100.00 look see on low power issues. I was told I need $8500.00 worth of work? That's hogwash. Some of the problems I've read, well the answers are on the web. Don't rely on a dealer for all things; arm yourself with knowledge, so that if you must go to the dealer, you know when he is taking advantage of you i.e. My $8000.00 bill is reduced to about $800.00 if I let a repair shop do it, or $350 to $400 if I do it. Get to looking folks.