2004 Mazda Tribute LX 3.0L from North America


Not built to last!


I purchased this little SUV for my wife, new in 2004. We bought the 4WD model while living in Ohio, for driving in the winter. We didn't spend a ton on this car, but even so, I think we should have gotten more for our money.

Comfort is average, for the cost, but I am tall, and the seat depth is very short. Extended driving position is uncomfortable, for me. The road noise is way above average. Gas mileage is around 21 - 22 MPG on highway - 4WDs do get poorer mileage, but I think it should do better.

First interesting thing was the cabin odor when we'd run the A/C - could not figure this one out for the longest time, until I checked the cabin filter and discovered the mouse nest!

The air conditioner compressor went out at about 75,000 miles.

I had to change the spark plugs at about 80,000 miles - whoever designed the spark plug access for this car should be fired! Thank God for YouTube!

I've replaced the same O2 sensor about 3 times.

We kept smelling "heat" from under the hood last spring whenever we parked it. Eventually had the one front brake lock up while driving 55 mph down the highway. When I finally got home and checked it out, I had to replace both front caliper assemblies, rotors, pads, etc... $1000.

A set of tires lasts about 50,000 miles, no matter how much they are rated.

The check engine light just started flashing. This is new; usually it just stays on all the time. Now, I'm going to take it to the auto store to have them show a code. I'm really hoping they don't tell me to replace the spark plugs again!!

My youngest daughter has had 2 Mazdas and the father-in-law had 1.

Needless to say, this is a "Do Not Recommend" X 4 for our family.

General Comments:

I would not consider buying another Mazda. For foreign, I would look at Toyota 1st and Honda 2nd, but I'm really looking to buy American next if I can.

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Review Date: 31st December, 2016

19th Jan 2017, 17:48

You already bought American.

The Mazda Tribute was actually a Ford Escape with Mazda nameplates.

2004 Mazda Tribute ES from North America


The Tribute ES is a great SUV!


The only problems I have had to change were the battery once, a fog light bulb, and a brake light bulb.

General Comments:

The car rides fantastic, very smooth like a car.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2010

2004 Mazda Tribute LX Sport Package 3.0 liter from North America


Nothing but problems: Don't Buy Mazda or Ford


Transmission problem and O/D lights blinking.

ABS light on and off intermittently.

Strange and loud noise from the brakes. Looks like the ABS is involved.

General Comments:

This car is nothing but problems. I would never buy a Mazda, a Ford or any American car, and I would try to inform everyone else to not to make my mistake.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2009

8th Jul 2009, 17:00

"This car is nothing but problems. I would never buy a Mazda, a Ford or any American car, and I would try to inform everyone else to not to make my mistake."

Here we go again... another person goes off the deep end and blasts ALL domestics because they got one that had a few issues. Our "mileage champ" was a Ford that went over 325,000 miles over 17 years with less than $500 in total repairs. Our last Dodge was sold in perfect running condition at just over 240,000 miles. It had required nothing but 2 timing belts and one heater hose. Our family's Buick LeSabre was sold last year at 277,000 miles. It never had a SINGLE REPAIR beyond routine maintenance.

On the flip side, my family's Honda was sold to a JUNK DEALER at just over 99,000 miles. Our Mazda (which was built in Japan BEFORE Ford over and drastically IMPROVED the quality) was a total lemon and was traded at 86,000 miles for a Mustang that had 139,000 miles. The Mustang was FAR better car.

Before stabbing the American economy in the back, try a new Ford. The Fusion is rated as high or higher in reliability than any Japanese car. It beats out both Camry and Accord.