2006 Mazda Tribute 3.8 from North America


Looks good, but isn't


All the doors rattled when going over a bump, turning a corner or taking off from a stop. Took it in the first time, they kept it for a couple of hours. The next week the rattling came back. Took it in the second time, they kept for a day and a half. The only door still rattling is the rear passenger door. They told me it is probably the flexing of the car making the noise, because it's a truck. Give me a break!!

While the truck was in for the doors, I asked them to check the hand brake. It would go tight then loosen up with a loud noise. They told me they adjusted the brake, but is still doing the same thing.

The car just turned one year old and the front discs are already out of round. I brake and the steering wheel starts shaking.

I have to take it back in, the drivers seat makes noise every-time I come to a stop. It sounds like a loose spring in the seat.

General Comments:

I can't understand how a new car can have these problems so soon. It reminds me of my Ford Windstar.

Will never buy another Ford built car again.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2006

1st Jun 2006, 19:47

Did you know the tribute is a joint venture between Ford, and Mazda?

19th Aug 2006, 10:58

I had the same problems with the brakes in Australia. The dealer eventually fixed them, replaced with thicker discs and new pads so they knew there must have been a problem.

23rd Apr 2007, 20:46

None of the above problems with my Mazda Tribute. I have a 2002 Classic. I had 'gritty' front wheel bearings during the first 15,000k which I believe is common and which they replaced under warranty. The gear box had a bearing that failed at about 50,000k. This resulted in the bits floating into the rest of the works and the gear box had to be replaced. It was out of warranty, but Mazda did the replacement at no cost to me (other than having the car off the road for a week). The rear window is getting harder to close as the little plastic guide is wearing down. Inhibitor switch on the gear selector wasn't working properly - just a simple adjustment. The coolant bottle needed to be replaced at the last service. Apart from the gear box all these things are the not atypical for modern cars. I've been pulling a 800kg trailer as I use my Tribute for business and it's now done over 70,000 K and I'm quite happy with mine.

16th Dec 2007, 14:26

I have the same problem with the rattling. It has 37k miles on it. I have a 1998 Toyota Tacoma with 105k miles on it and it sounds a lot better than my Mazda.

26th Mar 2008, 15:45

I have bought a Mazda Tribute in 2004, and then I discovered the king of rattle. Get away from it.