10th Nov 2010, 10:18

You are right, I should get it fixed. Although, I already have had it fixed once by replacing the wires and computer in the vehicle. It cost quite a lot, and to be replacing the wires over and over again seems to be a waste of time. I didn't make it relevant that I had already done this in my review, and I apologize. But still, I have fixed the issue once, and it has continued to act up.

So in conclusion, my advice to the consumer would be to totally avoid this car because it seems that no matter how many times you fix it, there's always the same problem (and more) with it.

10th Nov 2010, 18:45

Seems like you have an unfortunate problem, but an uncommon one. These are basically rebadged Escapes, and there are tons of them around, so if this was a huge problem, I am sure it would have been identified by now, and you'd see more of them with this issue.

Did you do a lengthy web search to see if anyone else has had the same issues? I have found many answers to car issues this way, as it is a speedy way to cover lots of people and get down to the problem you have. I tracked basically every fix and replacement part on my last SUV this way, and it really saved me a lot of time and extra money. Seems like there is something being overlooked here, that is causing the parts you have replaced to fail repeatedly.

Good luck with it. I know from too much experience how much of a pain car problems can be!

12th Nov 2010, 11:30

How does a modern engine like this flood?

Fuel pressure regulator: if the membrane cracks, the fuel gets sucked into the intake manifold.

Engine coolant temperature sensor: if the sensor does not tell the computer that the engine has warmed up, the computer keeps the engine running rich.

Thermostat: if the thermostat doesn't close, the engine takes forever to warm up.

Dirty or malfunctioning MAF sensor. Clean or replace.

Leaking fuel injectors.

Clogged air filter.

Can you think of anything else?