21st Dec 2005, 14:15

My c220 elegance is probably the best car I've owned. no problems whatsoever, it certainly isn't slow, I've seen 130 on the clock and it seems solid as a rock. finish and build is superb, starts on the button and goes where you point it!

Minor criticisms - fuel economy isn't too clever and light interior marks very easily. otherwise superb.

24th May 2006, 14:12

I am a 29 year old lady and I drive my C220 Elegance daily. It is extremely reliable and an absolute pleasure to speed with! I feel safe when I am driving with my baby boy of 10 months and like the attention people give to me just because I am driving an elegant motor car.

Unfortunately, during a long trip, the engine died while we were doing round about 75 miles/hour. Her petrol pump broke and there our family stood. The next day she was fixed and here we go again.

As on all older motor cars, certain items need to be replaced after a while.

The engine harness had to be replaced at 125 000 miles.

The air-conditioner fan had to be replaced at plus minus 100 000 miles.

Water pump had to be replaced at about 115 000 miles.

Engine mountings at 110 000 miles. C.V. joints at 123 000 miles.

ABS light comes on now and then.

Globe, left back, seems to only last for 2 or 3 days at a time. (I think this might be a jinx-fitting!)

The interior is still immaculate, except maybe for the one hair-line crack in the wooden inlay between the two front seats.

Hope this review helps a potential buyer to decide for the better and buy one of these ladies.

Other than this, she is an absolute pleasure.

Where I stay we work in litre. She gives 9km per litre.

Frances Bredenkamp.

27th Oct 2009, 08:26

I have a C220 and I am very happy with its performance. However I also had my fair share of problems e.g I had to replace my fuel tank because I would have a full tank and still get stuck for petrol. I also repaired my own throttle body. But since all these were done, I had no problem till this day. I now have over 350,000km on the clock, and the engine and gearbox are still all intact as from the factory. One of the best cars I ever had.