1963 Mercedes-Benz 220 b 2.2 petrol from South Africa


A Classic Charismatic cruiser


I was stranded without fuel once, right when I just got the car, because the previous owner failed to mention that the fuel guage was inaccurate when empty. Otherwise, runs like a dream.

The wipers worked incorrectly, which I fixed myself by adjusting the linkage from the motor (15 minute job).

My brake lights stopped working after getting caught in a severe storm - water must have gotten in somewhere.

General Comments:

As many people, I have found myself frustrated by the bland boxes they call cars these days. Strange, considering that I am not even 22 yet - so I can't go on rambling about "Back in my day..." :-) I have an obsession with 1960's cars, and last year I spent my life savings on an AC Cobra - I was fortunate enough to be able to do this, as I am a Web Architect at the Stock Exchange. I stopped driving my ratty Opel, and drove the Cobra every day. There is nothing on the road that matches the sound and pure lust - not to mention unsophisticated speed - of the Cobra. But I felt I was ruining the car driving it every day, and it was time for something more "practical", and relegate the Cobra to weekend driving.

I did some research, and bought my Pearl Blue 220b from a person who had bought it from the original owner and completely overhauled the engine etc.

Driving a car like this is such a different experience. Sheer quality if evident in everything - the (big) seats sit like fine old white leather couches, the heavy doors open and close with a light touch. The accelerator and clutch pedals are so light to step on, it almost feels wrong.

I am used to rocketing along at illegal speeds in the Cobra, but cruising along at 90km/h on the highway is strangely not frustrating, as I am taken back to a laid-back era just sitting in this car.

I specifically wanted a pre-'64 model, because it still has the "old" features - no orange indicator lenses in the back, a foot pedal (!!!) for adjusting headlights (high beam/brights), and the old style "solid" vertical headlamps.

This car is a real looker, and gets almost as much attention as the Cobra :)

I can truly recommend the experience to anybody who wants to "slow down" their stressed pace of life, especially if they get one in such perfect condition as I was lucky to enough to obtain. I use this car daily - it never overheats in our severe summer temps, has good fuel consumption, and seats 6 if it has to!

Wish they'd invented Air Conditioning in '63 though :-)

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Review Date: 16th January, 2003

7th Aug 2007, 20:47

How do I get in contact with this poster. I have some questions about the car for you. evolever@gmail.com thanks.

8th Nov 2009, 01:33

Just looking to buy a 220b, and at 18 I can hardly afford to run two cars, so it would become my daily driver. As much as it is not recommended, it's great to see someone else using such a beautiful car!

8th Nov 2009, 09:18

To the poster back in 2003... Car A/C was invented many years before the 1963 model year. The first car with A/C was the 1938 Packard.

23rd Sep 2011, 05:24

I had a 63 220 S back in the day, and guess what? It did have air conditioning. Lo and behold, Mercedes Benz put air conditioning in some of these cars. But the neatest thing about it was the name. Coolmeister.

1995 Mercedes-Benz 220 C220 Elegance 2.2 petrol from UK and Ireland


Reliable, but boring to drive


The ABS light keeps coming on.

Central locking can be temperamental

Hot/cold starting sensor on computer can malfunction disabling the car to start.

General Comments:

This car is slow, handles like a bus.

But for age minor faults.

Would suit an old timer who wants to get from a to b in style.

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Review Date: 19th September, 2002

1st Dec 2004, 08:59

I say this car is one of the most reliable cars on the market, it lasts a long time and its very comfortable to drive, but also very safe, if I had to rate it out of ten it would at least get a 8.

24th May 2005, 03:22

There must be problems with this 220, because mine handles well and is hardly slow, but that of course depends on what you are comparing it with! I have covered 24000 miles in mine in the last year and apart from the usual servicing, have had no extra costs.

Steve Pritchard.