2000 Mercedes-Benz C-Class C230 Kompressor 2.3 Supercharged from North America


Everything a Mercedes should be


Pressure sensor inside the supercharger failed.

Replaced front lower ball joints.

General Comments:

This car is by far the best car I've owned. I previously had an Audi A4 2.8, and this car puts that one to shame. My Mercedes outperforms my old Audi in every aspect.

The supercharged 2.3 4 cylinder is a jewel of an engine. I love hearing the whine of the Eaton M62 supercharger under acceleration, and you can really feel the boost at 2700 RPM and up.

The car is very quick, which surprised me when I first bought it, because I figured 4 cylinders + a heavy luxury car would make for a slow car, but was I ever wrong.

The car also is very economical; I can manage 28-29 MPG on the highway, and around 24 in the city. I have the Sport package, which includes a sport tuned Mercedes suspension (makes for a bit of a firm ride for a Benz, but still smooth nevertheless), a silver exterior, and a 2 tone black and grey leather interior with carbon fiber everywhere one would normally see wood trim.

This car has given me almost no troubles. The issues listed above were due to high mileage.

The car gets around great in the snow. The ESP traction control works wonders. Everything on the car works as if new.

The only complaint I have is the transmission... it's a 5 speed automatic with an auto-stick mode. The transmission shifts fine when kept in drive, but when using the auto-stick mode, shifts are very delayed and sluggish.

Overall, this is a fine example of Mercedes-Benz engineering.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2012

2000 Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2.8 from North America


Comfort and style at a reasonable price


Suspension spring (left rear) broke at 146,000km.

Suspension spring (left front) broke at 148,000km.

Suspension spring (front rear) broke at 166,000km.

Tie rod replaced at 166,000km.

Windshield wiper assembly (motor + gear) replaced at 158,000.

Heater control (loss of auto mode) adjusted (no parts needed) at 191,000km.

Battery (original) replaced at 193,000km.

General Comments:

All replaced parts were OEM. Cost of repairs: CDN $2,700.

The car provides the comfort for the driver and the front passenger. The leg room in rear seats may not be sufficient during longer trips or for the taller (over 6 ft) passengers.

In the city traffic, the car works great. On the highways, the car delivers when you "step on it". It requires some learning during the overtaking (at engine low RPM) as the transmission initially hesitates or lags before accelerating. Other than that, the performance is more than adequate at least in the North American environment. Fuel economy (highway cruising) 6.5L/100km.

Comfort and style. Despite the age, the car still looks presentable. Would I trade it for different car? Yes, the E-class.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2011

7th Apr 2013, 19:51

Further update:

- Ball joint upper and lower + rear brake pads replaced at 219,000km.

- Front wheel bearing (OEM) replaced at 242,000km.

- Crank sensor (OEM) replaced at 271,000km.

- Windshield wiper motor assembly (aftermarket) replaced at 279,000km.

- Rear brake (aftermarket) (1 caliper + 2 rotors + pads) at 280,000.

Current mileage: 290,000.

Total cost of of maintenance (M+L) excluding regulars (oil change, tires etc) CDN $5,250.

Cost per km : $ 5,250 / (290,000 - 140,000) = $0.035/km.


26th Jan 2014, 16:13

Further update:

- Rear brake job (L.H. + R.H.) at 280,000 km.

- Body; rust (blisters) + re-paint at 298,000 km.

- Front rotors (L.H. + R.H.) replaced at 303,500 km.

- Vehicle totaled at 310,000 km (additional cost of having a kid at university. I guess...).

Total maintenance cost: $12,260.

Total mileage traveled: 310,000 km - 140,000 km = 170,000 km.

Average upkeep cost: $0.07/km or 7 cents/km.

General comments:

Upkeep cost might be a bit sobering, however as they say "if you want a maintenance free car, buy Honda". You will not be disappointed. Regrets I have a few, but then again, too few to mention...

Great and classy commuter car (for max of 2 occupants). For longer trips or more riders, the space (rear seats especially) becomes bothering. Fuel mileage and "road performance" - adequate or even greatly satisfying.


Thanks, and due to that "unfortunate event of my son", see me on the 2001 E430 4matic page.