26th Jul 2008, 13:39

I totally agree with the comment above.

4th Feb 2009, 00:45

I believe the same as commentaries. It is shameful that GM or other brands -usually Japanese brands- come in here to do this kind of "reviews". Come on, Mercedes are infinitely more durable than any GM car and are among the best 2 in the world in reliability and durability.

25th Aug 2009, 16:43

Um, when it comes just to reliability and durability, modern Hondas and Toyotas (the actual top 2) will still be running long after todays Benz's have been relegating to the junkyard. I like Mercedes too, but let's be realistic.

27th Aug 2009, 17:25


The symptoms your car has spell trouble; I owned a C-class since new (2006 model) - in UK

The loose auto - high revs at constant low speed - mean you have serious problems with the gearbox !!!!

I had this issue and MB told me during the warranty there's nothing wrong with it. Six months after the warranty expired, they told me there is something wrong with the conductor plate and suggested a 50-50 cost split. I am in the middle of a fight that most likely will end in court... I had a second opinion from an expert who actually found the gearbox is shambles.

At this time, in your case, it may be just the conductor plate ($900), but if the damage extends the clutch may fail as well (if out of warranty that's a $5,000 bill.

These issues are common with the C-class (and at some extent with the E-class). You should go to an independent Merc specialist to check the fault code if any, then to open the gearbox and check the magnet for debris.

Take care with the electrics, if you have faults (intermittent) there is an electrical surge.

Check for vibrations or clanking noise when steering full left or right !!! That's the steering rack, fingers crossed this is not the case.

My advice: SELL IT ASAP even if you loose a couple grand, and buy a good deal from BMW or Lexus, Cadillac etc.

I wished someone told me that a couple of years back...

Good Luck.


9th Feb 2010, 20:28

Even the new BMW 3 Series has many problems, I was trade in my 2002 325xi (E46) to 2006 330i (E90), but after reading about new BMW, no way trade in mine with that junk. Even many people say sell the new BMW, get an old one with low mileage...

Anyway I give up looking for BMW, I was here to read some reviews about Benz C250 - 300 - 350 but you guys sound like this is the different brand with many headache... thanx everyone, I'm going to get Infiniti FX35 or FX45... GOOD LUCK buying Benz or BMW...

12th Mar 2010, 03:05

I love the image and style of Mercedes, which is why I purchased my '87 300E many years ago. But in all honesty, it was a headache of a car. Mechanical and electrical problems galore, and it wasn't high mileage, especially by Mercedes standards. Every time I get an inkling to own another MB, I just read reviews on whatever model I'm interested in and I'm always reminded why I got rid of my '87. It's funny to me the poster of this review compares the crappy quality of his MB to that of a Hyundai. I have a Kia Optima, which is essentially a Hyundai Sonata (parent company), and it's been a fantastic car now at 4yrs old and 56k miles. It's a first year model, so it's had some minor hiccups, which were all seamlessly covered by the LONG warranty. People ask me how good/bad a car it is and I can proudly say it's been a fantastic car and I love it! I even say proudly to my partner who makes six figures and loves Audi that my Kia is a great car. He'd never be caught dead driving one probably, but that's his loss. My point being, buying a prestigious brand doesn't necessarily mean better reliability. It means more features and higher quality finishes. Beyond that, not much is better.

30th Apr 2010, 16:44

Over the past years I have owned several Mercedes, but changed to BMW for my last purchase. Basically because of the poor quality, endless trips to the dealership for recalls, but mainly because of the attitude of the dealer and manufacturer.

OK that was a few years ago, so let us forgive and forget.

Subsequently I arranged with the dealer an extended test drive with the new C Class over the weekend. Well the car looked good, it seemed well put together, but when I attempted to start it, it was same old Mercedes. Yes that’s right, it failed to start. Anyway on a positive note they seemed to have reduced the noise generated by starter motor.

The car was last seen on Friday evening on the back of a tow truck heading towards the dealer.

Well I did try to forgive and forget, so it’s back to BMW for me.

9th Jun 2010, 12:30

I've been driving my 2003 Hyundai Sonata for 7 years now and still love it. When I went to trade it for a new Sonata with leather, sun roof etc., I was taken aback by the $26,000 price tag. After researching other options, I found I could purchase a C Class Mercedes Benz for just a tad more than a Hyundai Sonata. I test drove a C 300 yesterday and am contemplating becoming a Benz driver. These reviews are bothersome to say the least.

I've never had a single mechanical problem, not even a minor rattle with my Hyundai. My only complaints are the expensive scheduled maintenance visits. 2 months ago I had the 60,000 mile maintenance which set me back $800 and this month another $400 for the tune up. I like that the Mercedes only requires a once per year scheduled maintenance, which only runs $500. Is MB really that economical to own?

3rd Jul 2010, 10:26

Mercedes, BMW and Audi are first and foremost designed for image and innovation as well as performance. It is illogical to compare and entry-class Benz to a mid-size Hyundai, Toyota, etc. If you're looking for a front wheel drive commuter that only requires oil changes and you plan to ignore all services, please, go with one of those. Premium vehicles require attentive drivers who plan on preserving their vehicle or at least maintaining it for optimal driveability. Benz has suffered from quality issues, but the engine and trans are quite solid, even when compared to Japanese makes. That said, no car, especially not these, are meant to be abused or whooped from the moment you drive it off the lot.

3rd Nov 2010, 01:24

I agree with most here. Mercedes are extremely reliable and these problems, if they exist, would be for warranty, but they seem dubious.

To one person that commented before: Hondas and Toyotas are good cars, but they aren't more durable than Mercedes. Just look at all the Mercs out there. The quality of materials, assembly, reliability - and much more after the shameful problem with Toyotas - and durability of Mercedes are in first place, regardless of silly consumer's ranking, where Jaguars are in better places than Toyotas. You cannot compare a Camry or a Avalon to a C Class. I have an A Class with 223,000 kms (138,595 miles) and I haven't even changed the battery in 11 years! It hasn't ever broke. It runs perfectly and the compression is as new.

I know Toyotas, and they don't last that well. Pampered Toyotas are much worse than my car, and I treat it roughly. It doesn't even have bothersome noises.