18th Mar 2011, 16:50

Well, I was thinking about getting an older MB C-Class, and I am sad to say I have heard minimal positive things about them on this site, Edmunds, cars.com and actual owners, and I believe that is conformation enough for me to not purchase.

I have been to all of these sites and researched the Corollas, and I actually purchased one because of the positive feedback and owners, and I'll be d#!med it is as good as my research has told me. One of THE BEST CARS I've ever owned, and it's old. So, I am saying this to say Toyota has had recent problems lately (oh I forgot to mention, I also own a 1990 Toyota pickup that is really proving Toyota's stance in their word, as it drives better than most cars on the road today), but their products are very very good on reliability, economic when it comes to gas mileage and maintenance, and anyone who denies that is flat out wrong.

I have a Cadillac SRX that is all that and then some, and I would buy another in a heartbeat, so please don't say that they are not good cars, as they too are excellent vehicles, and I mean that in every sense of the word.

Thank you for reading.

4th Apr 2011, 09:15

All these comments from the start say it all. One bad comment about Mercedes and you got the Mercedes lovers defending it straight away.

I bought a C200 sport 2 years ago and the dashboard has been giving away noises all the time since purchase. The Mercedes Benz dealership have been absolutely useless in dealing with the problem and can't figure out their own cars.

Don't buy Mercedes, not worth the money they ask for!

19th Jul 2013, 19:38

When you drive a car over 100mph, what kind of fuel mileage do you expect?

17th Jan 2014, 21:33

That's not true at all! My 1999 Mercedes, with 200,000 miles on the clock, is way more durable, solid, and reliable than my 2003 Corolla, with just 70,000 miles... Come on, let's be serious, there are plenty of people that just propagate absurd myths. Toyota has had the biggest recall in the history of automobiles.

2nd Sep 2014, 02:55

I think the above comment is wrong. The owner clearly states what he dislikes about the car.

2nd Sep 2014, 20:19

There's a difference between durable and reliable. I've owned German cars, currently a BMW, and yes, they are more durable on the whole than Japanese cars. However, Japanese cars on the average - and that's the operative word, average - are more reliable. They tend to break down less, though with age, they do feel worn out despite the engine and gearbox still running fairly well. Horses for courses though - buy what is suitable for your needs and the driving conditions. If you're in an area where, say, French cars are the norm, even if they break down once in a while, their replacement parts won't be as dear. Japanese cars with no gimmickry won't break down often, but when they do, brand new original parts (where OEM equivalents are not available) are not as cheap as you expect them to be. Ever priced up a cambelt change for a Subaru Legacy?