12th Jul 2006, 10:22

I have a Mercedes C 280 auto 'N' reg 1995. It is black with leather interior, electric front seats, 10 stack CD, an after factory fit, and all the other toys including climate.

The original owner paid £38,000 for it and I paid £7,000 secondhand. The car was purchased with 25,000 miles on the clock. I have enjoyed driving it so much that even with it being my second vehicle I have added 15,000 miles.

The comments on the SRS light staying on applies to my vehicle also, but it does go off after a couple of minutes, and remains the one concern I have of the car after two years ownership.

I put unleaded fuel in it, as that is what is advised on the fuel filler cap, and with careful driving manage 30 mpg. However, as said by other owners, when you put the foot down this is a rocket ship, and you have to show restraint as it reaches licence losing speed in seconds.

I have only seen a few C280 models and would like to know if it is a rare beastie, and what is the general opinion of the vehicle by those in the know?.

21st Feb 2008, 12:46

I own a 1995 C280 that has 160,000 miles on it. It still runs great and doesn't seem to have any mechanical problems. Engine is smooth, quiet and feels healthy. One thing that is aggravating and I see others commenting on that too, is the meter panel. The gas, temp, and speed meters stay at zero for some time and then suddenly turn on. The wiper also hesitates sometimes. I had the motor checked and that was found to be OK.

Other than that, I enjoy the drive, it responds well to acceleration and never felt loosing control. I had a Honda Accord before this and never had a comfortable feeling driving that car over 70 mph.

Interior is good and comfortable with leather seats and good sound system, except for the wooden lining on the console that shows small cracks. Overall, I am pleased with it and found a good friend for the road.

30th Aug 2008, 04:33

I have a 1995 C280. The first drive in it made me fall in love with the horse power. The biggest problem with the C and E-class is the electrical wiring. I have one crack so far on my wooden center console, also experiencing SRS light and at times the ABS light comes on. The speedo and rev indicator needle takes time to come into operation - referring back to electrical wiring harness. Merc was suppose to use silicon wiring instead - notice the cracks on the insulation of the wiring inside the engine compartment.

I also replaced the mass flow sensor on 260 000 km and that was an expensive round for me.

Overall - great to drive, best for long distances, therefore, I will put up with the afore-said problems until I can afford a new one.

17th Sep 2008, 16:15

Hello Mercedes Lovers!! I am looking at buying either a C280 Elegance 1997 or C220 Elegance 1995?

Not sure the C280 will be very economical? I test drove this (C280) private sale car and it is really well maintained with good service, only a couple of minor problems, such as back rear window seems foggy from inside and plastic bit under handle on drivers side door handle is broken, but lights underneath still working?

The car felt heavy to drive, but very quiet on back suburban roads. Both cars in good condition with 180,000KM and 150,000 Km.

Any helpful opinions about these vehicles would be appreciated. I'm from Queensland, Australia!!

24th Nov 2008, 12:51

I would agree with most of what this person said in there review with the exception of this car being the safest on the road. When it comes to safety NOTHING beats a VOLVO! Statistics proves that. If your concerned about a car & safety, Volvo is the way to go. They have been known for safety before I was born & I'm 25 going on 26!

19th Mar 2009, 02:55

To last comment:

Volvo has invented very few safety technologies. They sure have known how to sell that image but:

1) First safety cell: Mercedes, in the 50's. Ponton model.

2) First safety belts: Saab in the 50's.

3) First car with ABS: Mercedes, in 1978.

4) First car with Traction control: Mercedes, beginning of 1990's.

5) First car with ESP (stability control) : Mercedes in 1995.

6) First car with BAS (emergency brake assistance) : Mercedes in 1995.

7) First Crash prevent braking: Mercedes, 2007.

Do you remember ABS became optional in Volvo's in 1992-93?

They sure have great sales strategies, but facts don't favor Volvo in any way.

9th May 2009, 10:51

I knew of Lincoln having ABS on the Continental MK IV in the early 70s.

18th Sep 2009, 18:45

I own a 1995 C280 with 195k miles on it. I bought it in 2000 with 57k miles. I love this car. It handles and rides perfect. It fits me like a glove.

I owned a 1995 BMW 3 series, which I traded in on the C280, a 1997 Lexus ES300 and a 2003 Cadillac CTS. I would have to say the C280 has got to be the best entry level luxury vehicle ever produced. I recently changed the engine wiring harness and MAF sensor.

Over the years I did most repairs myself, so it hasn't been very expensive for me to own. I'm handing it down to my 16 year old son because I know it will be a very safe and reliable car for him, and it should last him through college, and he has been asking for it since he was 13.

With the exception of the wiring harness that MB refuses to acknowledge as a recall defect, the car is just GREAT.

30th Oct 2009, 16:15

I own a 1995 Mercedes c280 Sport with 129,000 miles on the clock. Within two weeks of buying the car, the head gasket went, along with the front suspension arms. Three weeks and £1,600 later, the car was as good as new.

I usually go through cars like women go through shoes, not keeping them for more than a couple of months. However, i have become somewhat attached to this particular car. Perhaps it's understated nature and the fact that it glides effortlessly past legal motorway speeds, the timeless design and old school build quality make the c280 a lovely place to be. If ever there was an underrated future classic, this is it.

7th Jan 2010, 18:25

I have a 1997 C-280, and I try to keep it in the best shape possible. I feel safe in it, and it feels so solid compared to many other cars. It has 117,000kms on it and runs beautifully.

I have put some money into it however with minor repairs, but it is all worth it in the end.

It does suck up premium fuel pretty good, but that’s the price you pay for luxury.

Just recently I had some trouble with my front passenger mirror, because it won’t go down, but I’m buying a new center console of the switches. If this car is cared for and loved, it will last a long time.

I’ve gone to 3 German car festivals, and my car has won 1st prize on 2 occasions. I’m still going to maintain it so I can have it for many years to come. :)

p.s. I’ve even been asked if my car was the new Mercedes! LOL :-P.