2001 Mercedes-Benz CL CL500 5.0 V8 from UK and Ireland


Worst car I have ever owned


Clogged water drainage channel under front windscreen causing wet passenger side footwell carpet.

Rear lights electrical fault.

Front light malfunctions. (Various)

ABS Warning light malfunction.

Loose interior trim.

Window failing to operate properly. (electrical problem)

Warranty suspension lines replaced. (Recall)

Suspension height adjustment failure.

Rust appearing on several body panels.

Seat belt fails to retract (Passenger front)

Heater noisy when operating (whining noise)

Cassette player causes scratch on Sat Nav screen when opened.

Wing mirror contacts bodywork when folded, causing damage over time.

Exterior glass trims have faded/discoloured.

General Comments:

This car has been a massive disappointment!

I never expected such lack of quality with such an expensive car. Various interior parts have broken or seem to be of poor quality.

Various faults during short ownership as listed above.

Rust problems appearing as per numerous other comments on this site.

Very poor car, will never own another Mercedes.

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Review Date: 25th March, 2009

28th Mar 2009, 16:52

These all seem like minor issues for a 9 year old car. MB or not.

The CL 500 is a big luxury coupe that I would think had much more going for it, but I guess the reviewer missed the point.

We would have been better served to know how the car rides and handles. The level of comfort and engine and drive-train performance combined with maintenance costs would have helped also.

I guess having a prestige luxury car means nothing to some if it experiences a few petty problems. Since they are mechanical objects and mechanical things sometimes break and require maintenance. It should be no surprise if they are not perfect.

Cars can't maintain themselves. The owners should do it.

2003 Mercedes-Benz CL CL500 5.0 V8 from UK and Ireland


Great car, but the paintwork lets it down



General Comments:

Great car to drive, but rusting away. The dealer who I bought the car from have been really great. The car went in for a small amount of rust on the rear wing, but now they say there are three large areas of rust, so they are going to replace the rear wing completely free of charge.

It took about two months to get this far to get the work started, and I just hope this will be the end of it. But from the comments I have read on this site, this might just be the start of a long battle with M.B.

I would like to wish everyone with rust problems on your Merc the best of luck with our on going problems.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2009

16th Jun 2009, 16:53

It was my understanding that manufacturer dealers never sold cars older than 5 years. The reviewer must have meant used car lot instead.

Also the rear panels on the CL500 are supposed to be made of aluminum and aluminum supposedly doesn't rust.

So what is the real deal?

Does anyone in North America have the rust experience?

I haven't seen or heard of it yet.

11th Dec 2009, 05:46

I have a 2002 CL500 and have paint problems on the rear quarter panels. Not got a full service history but MB are contributing to the repair bill under a 'good will scheme'. The paint expert tells me that 2002 was the first year they used aluminium panels and didn't get the paint right.

Love the car and would like another. Does anyone know by what year MB got the paint problem sorted?

26th Jul 2011, 18:18

My 2002 AMG, pristinely maintained, has had a repair, quite a surprise, to the right rear quarter panel due to paint bubbles. No other blemishes anywhere.

Additionally both front fenders were replaced (100% my cost) due to cracks (stress fractures) running from the hood to the tire. MB acknowledged that they were stress related (not impact), but said it had never happened before, and they offered no participation (discount). Disappointing in the extreme.

Poor assembly is my conclusion; an over torquing of the bolts holding the fender assembly to the frame.