17th May 2005, 04:52

I am a new Mercedes owner last 12 months and the customer service experience I have had is the poorest in over 20 years of car ownership.

I bought my E class thinking I would get exceptional service not the case.

- Faulty brake re-fit, damaged alloys, dent in car door and getting car back dirty from services, not being kept informed of service status and when car ready. I have to chase them constantly. My service from Volvo was fantastic for last 10 years, feel I made a big mistake changing Marque.

27th Sep 2005, 06:00

Interesting Comments,

I came across this site because of recent problems I am having with my A-Class.

My engine has blown at 49K and the car was brought new from Mercedes, serviced at every interval and the last service was at 46K. To add every recommended service option was carried out (my last service cost me £940!). Well, after paying for 12 hours of diagnostic, the warranty department is refusing to carry out the repair for a new engine. Problem: Engine cam belt gone and all valves are damages (inside the engine! -non serviceable parts which show last the lifespan of the car).

Anyone in the Uk can proceed to legal aspect as it violates the Trades and Goods Description Act. Even though it is out of warrant who would expect a 1 owner full MB service history Mercedes to die at 49K?

I am using my home content insurance (Norwich union) has they cover my legal costs for consumer issues. The customer service is pathetic and I believe this is due to the new "Mercedes Benz" conversion to "Mercedes Benz direct". I have owned countless MB cars and am disappointed about how they are treating their customers.

If anyone can help, know of any ideas or even has details for their head-office location (situated in London-m25), please post here.


6th Dec 2005, 00:43

Thanks for the information. I was looking to buy at a 2001 CL, but now I think I'll pass. I have a 1997 Audi A8 with over 100,000 miles. It has had no major problems other than wear and tear. It also has spent most of its life in the Rocky Mountains where roads are salted and it has no rust. Then again it is aluminum alloy. I think I'll stick with Audi. Thanks.

7th Mar 2006, 07:37

I purchased a MB C200 in August 2005. I have never received such poor service in my life. My car has gone in for a service and they are advising me I need 3 new tyres, brake fluid etc etc etc and this will cost me over £1,000 I have only had the car for 6 months! I had a BMW for over 5 years and changing to MB has been the worst mistake of my life. I also agree that having spoken to the head office they are not interested: I have advised anyone I speak to never to purchase a MB!

17th Apr 2006, 17:33

Sadly all very true. I went to a car auction in the U.K. to look for an E Class for someone. We found four cars between 1997 and 2000. Every single one had severe corrosion in the front wings, and one would have needed a new rear arch. Absolute rubbish. They're not even very good to drive, and the interior trim quality is pretty grim.

I recently disposed of an A Class for someone and the buyer from the MB dealership that bought it said they wouldn't touch anything over 3 years and 30'000 miles. Ironically the A Class appears to resist corrosion better than the bigger cars!

When one can find any number of rust free 1998 Mondeos, Focuses and Peugeots, you have to tell yourself that Mercs are just crap. Very sad when you think of what MB once stood for.

Mercedes appear to be in big, big trouble (it has become a national scandal in Germany it appears) and the rust problem reminds me of Alfa Romeo and Lancia in the seventies.

28th Jun 2006, 10:21

In Norway and I also think the same applies in Sweden. They have agreed to fix cars for eight years after the first registration date and you don't have to have a full service history. They have been pushed by Scandinavian car associations to do that. The only tings they do not fix are rust due to stone chips, but you can try to find spots that are not that and show them that instead. On my 2000 E model they have replaced all doors/ front panels and fixed the hood, roof and rear door.

29th Jun 2006, 03:16

To the poster on "27th Sep 2005, 06:00", I had the timing chain snap in my engine at 66,000km. As you know, it's sealed for life and not meant to be changed like an ordinary timing belt.

Read my comments about it here: http://www.carsurvey.org/review_70778.html

17th Oct 2006, 12:23

I have to agree on all the comments I have read, on MB customer services. And I have yet to collect my new car from them, shame I paid my deposit and traded my old car with MB

Mr k price

27th Nov 2006, 11:15

I'm glad to read these comments. As I recently went to several Mercedes car dealerships looking for a 2000-2003 E class. I was surprised to see stone chips on the bonnet of every single one and rust in places that would make a Mk3 Escort seem positively rust proof. I shall never go near a 'newish' Mercedes having read these comments. I think Mercedes stopped being Mercedes post 1998 when cutting costs came into the equation.

7th Dec 2006, 19:19

I own a 2001 S55 and live in Canada. I just found out that my car has MAJOR rust problems on the fenders, trunk and door panels. I have had nothing, but SERIOUS problems with the car sinc the day I bought it. For everything I got done from MB, I had to fight for it.

At one point, the engine started to show low oil between services. MB's response was "it is within acceptable levels" :-) Well, finally, the engine started to make a funny noise. At this point, I had just under 100,000 miles and had the extended warranty (thank God) on the car. Inspite of the warranty, I had to fight and argue with them to fix the noise. They replaced two cylinders (from what I was told). MAGICALLY, no more low oil warnings from the car -- think it was a problem and NOT just "within acceptable limits??".

Now, I have heard so much about the rust problems. I am dreading their response to how they are going to solve this. My car does have a lot of miles, but, from what I hear, this is a KNOWN issue. An MB employee told me that the only reason there was not a recall on the cars was because this is not a safety issue. He said he has has more cars come in with rust problems than he cares to remember. Obviously, he won't go on record because he would loose his job.

I have had MB cars for close to 12 years now and the service is absolutely unacceptable and completely arrogant. I will keep you all posted on how they respond to the rust problems.