2005 Mercedes-Benz CLK 320 from North America


A car that you'll want to keep your entire life


Nothing has really gone wrong, except one of the xenon lights won't turn on 'till after 1 minute of driving. Going to get that done at the dealer soon, so I'll keep you guys updated.

General Comments:

This Mercedes is the best car I've ever driven in, and sat in, it's comfortable, fast, and reliable. This car has the best looking everything, exterior, interior, engine, etc.

The interior is awesome, and full of features for the money, I got mine with the navigation which makes the whole interior look more sophisticated. The option command navigation is a bit hard to work with sometimes, but it's easy once your used to it.

Exterior is like a work of art, pillar less windows, and the rims of the CLK320 look beautiful with the beautiful lines that work throughout the car. In addition, the big Mercedes logo on the front looks great with the front headlights.

The car has a good shape to it, very congruent, and rounded, which basically drew me to this car. When I first saw the car, I gazed at it for 10 minutes, and knew it was THE ONE.

Handling wise, the car is precise, you can't go wrong with these German sports coupes. Don't want to sound repetitive to other car reviews but the car just handles like it's on rails.

Brakes are a bit touchy, but most European cars are like that, it'll save your life. (Driven my mother's BMW where the brakes literally saved me from an accident with a stupid driver in a Camry.) You get that sense of security that your in a tank.

Safety is the best part of having a Mercedes, the car is all quality, and every panel of the car feels strong and secure. The car has little tags everywhere you look saying "AIRBAG", which makes you feel quite safe.

Performance is good for the 215 horsepower it has, could have more, but it's good for my local driving.

Some cons would include not having bluetooth installed, or an iPod interface. And there's only one cup holder, but I don't drink or eat in the car so it doesn't really matter to me. 10 Speaker Harmon Kardon could be a bit better.

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Review Date: 4th December, 2009

2005 Mercedes-Benz CLK 5.0L V8 from North America


The perfect blend of beauty, performance and convenience


The A/C seems to have a mind of it's own. It decides when I want to breathe the outside air or recirculated air. And chooses my fan speed for me every now and then.

Other than that, I haven't had much go wrong with it in my first month of "pre"ownership.

General Comments:

I've always wanted a German Luxury powerhouse-of-a-car. When I spotted this beauty for less than half of its original price of $60k, I just had to test drive it. And sure enough, I was taken in, and decided to take her home.

The leather seats are comfortable and breathable. The previous owner had opted out of getting the heated seat option, so I'll be a little chilly in the seat come winter.

The interior gadgetry is convenient, albeit a bit confusing. There are 2 CD players; a multi disc and a single disc. And a DVD nav. (first year option) player which is not touchscreen. Believe it or not, the car actually comes with an aux. mp3 plugin. You wouldn't recognize it if you saw it; a small silver port, installed in a random location on the right side of the inner glove compartment. The Harman Kardon speaker system isn't the most enjoyable, but it beats the one in my previous car.

The 300hp, 5.0L V8 is a work of art. Plenty of torque, coupled to a 7 speed automatic transmission (first year option on this car for the CLK500 only). A sport and comfort driving mode are offered. There is a noticeable change when Sport mode is activated; the revs seem to hold longer. I cannot seem to keep from grinning-n-gunning in this car. 0-60 times don't even matter. This car makes 300hp almost seem excessive, with it's throaty exhaust note, engine hum and seamless gear changes, as it accelerates to 60 and beyond.

The exterior appearance is breathtaking to say the least. Built on a stretched version of the C Class W203 platform, this particular CLK came with Mercedes' signature color, Pewter. Having always admired the pillarless B design, and modern day conveniences, this auto seemed more suitable then my personal favorite, the BMW 8 series. This one happened to come with an AMG appearance package and staggered 18" AMG wheels. The windows come with an attractive transparent blue tint unique to the CLK500. I park this car far away from other cars for 2 reasons: so no idiots hit it with their doors (even though it has side moldings), and because I enjoy looking at it from a distance.

The single fault I have with this car is the fact that the previous owner did not choose the bixenon headlamp option. Instead I'm left with bright white HIDs, which aren't bad mind you, but seem to detract from a car of this caliber.

Overall though, I'm extremely impressed with this car.

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Review Date: 17th September, 2008

1st Jan 2009, 23:38

Does it cost a lot to own one of these beauties? I'm thinking of purchasing one, a 2005 CLK500. Maybe a 2006 CLK350, but skeptical about the CLK350s reliability.

5th Jan 2009, 17:00

I'm the original poster. As far as cost to own, I've only had mine for a few months but so far I haven't ran into many issues; maybe it's a little too early to tell.

My wife has taken it in for various little issues, and the response from the dealer has been, "that's covered under warranty."

Seems like the warranty covers nearly everything on the car; although the dealer did tell us that if we take it upon ourselves to have someone other than Mercedes replace something, that it might void the warranty on that part if it's not a Mercedes spec'd part. So far, the car has been perfect. I'd recommend if you do go for a CLK350 to make sure you get one with the 7speed, not the 5speed. The 5speed is known to have some issues, but that could just be an isolated incident.

Honestly though, you'll have waaay more fun in the CLK500. It has gobs of torque, and gets up and goes in a hush. I like having the extra power on tap when I get the "speed" itch.