28th Sep 2009, 11:52

I just got a 2006 CLK-500. Love it, it has enough grunt for me and handles nice. It was a lease return, so I have the dealers repair record. Looks like only real dollar issue was differential seal. I still have 1 year warranty left so we shall see... My only problem is the key fobs are both broken, but I guess I can get new ones, maybe warranty.

18th Nov 2009, 12:09

I bought my mom's CLK320 1999 with only 20,000 miles on it. While she owned it, she maybe spent 4,000 in maintenance and repairs. It is such a beautiful car that handles extremely well. However I owned it for 2 years and dumped $6,000 into the money pit. The A/C, headlights, O2 sensor, drivers window, sunscreen in back window, etc... And these were not cosmetic repairs, they were vital to the function of the car. Needless to say I sold it and cut my losses!!

19th Nov 2009, 06:50

To the poster with the CLK320. 20k miles and $6000 in repairs for the trivial items mentioned does not sound credible. If you spent such an amount, you would have had receipts to specifically detail the problems mentioned and to back up your claim.

20th Mar 2010, 07:33

My 2005 CLK 500 is nearly perfect. I popped for the certified pre-owned MBZ since it carried the warranty to 100,000 miles. This car enjoys the highest reliability rating of any year previous or since (http://www.edmunds.com/mercedes-benz/clk-class/2005/reliability.html). No recalls, and more mental health than a walk on the beach. Highly recommended.

25th Apr 2015, 04:12

It's really a great car and I love mine, but maintenance and repairs can break you in fairly short order. The CLK eats tires (15,000 is about average) and the 7 speed Gtronic transmission seems to be the most common and most expensive problem. From what I understand, the 2004 model has the older 5 speed auto, which is considered much more reliable. The engine is bullet proof.