11th Jan 2009, 21:52

Just got my CLK 430 V8 hard top! Best car I ever had! Super fast! Wow!

Only one question; how do I got the TV button on my dash to work?

11th Jun 2009, 11:02

Just got mine few days back! 430 V8, really impressive car. I wasn't expecting it. I feel like I have plenty more to discover, and everything in this car seems just impressive. Furious engine and great looks.

24th Feb 2010, 16:31

You guys and your 430's... bah... get the AMG CLK 55 and then talk to me.

25th Feb 2010, 18:12

"You guys and your 430's... bah... get the AMG CLK 55 and then talk to me."

It is laughable to imply a CLK430 is inferior to a CLK55, seeing as their relative differences are minimal.

The true performance potential of any given car will be up to the driver to exploit fully.

It's a lot like lovemaking, or any craft for that matter. It's not all about the equipment one has, but how it is used.

A good driver will be able to run circles around most high performance cars with just a CLK320, not because it's a powerful car, but because it's a capable car and its owner wouldn't need to overcompensate.

4th Mar 2010, 18:51

Lol, yah that's why they made the CLK 55, to lose to the 320. Sounds pretty smart to me.

5th Mar 2010, 15:11

Explain to me how on the show KIT, which was about building replica sportscars, a fibreglass replica Lambo Diablo with a 2.8 V6 from a Fiero, beat a REAL Lambo Diablo with a V12 on a road course.

I'll tell you how -- because the Lambo driver COULD NOT drive better than the replica driver... get it!

8th Mar 2010, 01:39

Who can split hairs with such logic? My wife has owned a CLK320, which was a great car. Hands down, Mercedes did a job well done. The 430 is a remarkable car, no doubt. The CLK55 is yet again another step in the performance direction in both suspension and braking and all out performance. There are some people out there that own the CLK55 who are also good drivers at the same time. I know, amazing isn't it that people can drive and own a superior version of a car at the same time?

However, when looking back on the Kit days, I must concede that if Mercedes put a 2.8 liter V-6 under the hood and a red light across the hood that moves left-to-right, then maybe I could see real magic happen before my eyes. There are excellent drivers that could take an even weaker car than the 320 or 430 and win against people in AMG's or whatever else all day long. There are people that can handle an AMG with such finesse that 'they' make it look easy and effortless to maneuver throughout the toughest of courses. Don't hate and don't justify your lesser automobile just because someone has a nicer toy that outperforms yours.

8th Mar 2010, 11:46

A high hp AMG car may be 'capable' of outperforming a lesser hp car -- BUT -- the driver of the more powerful car, may not be capable of outperforming a better skilled driver in a less powerful car and could in fact be overcompensating.

No hate or jealousy, just fact.

9th Jun 2010, 17:19

Allow me to weigh in on this very important subject ;)

I believe that the point is:

1) The writer is TRYING to convey that even a monkey behind the wheel of an AMG CLK 55 is better than a CLK 430. To an extent, totally true. I think the AMG, with its bells and whistles can in some ways compensate for a lesser drivers' ineptitude. I have driven the 430 and 55. Hands down, the CLK 55 outperforms in almost every way. There is, in my own untrained opinion, no comparison.

If it was auto cross with a skilled driver and a total idiot in the faster car, then obviously the skilled driver would prevail, but I can't think of too many drivers that own a CLK 55 and are so dumb that they can't drive it.

The downside between the 430 and 55. The 430 is a much more reliable car in many ways. The drivetrain is more sound and less likely to destroy ones' wallet. The CLK 55 that I owned cost me $5k a year. It was sickening. The 430 I had cost me $1500 or so a year in regular maintenance. My friend who owns a 2002 55 loves it and hates it. Hates the cost, loves the cajones.