14th Aug 2007, 12:03

I own a black on black 1998 CLK 320 with 141,000 miles on it. She runs perfect. The only problem I have had is the motor mounts needed replacing to stop the vibration while idle. Just had the belts replaced, fuel filter, rotors and brakes. It is my daily driver. I have 19's on it staggered and she is perfect.

4th Sep 2007, 10:50

Have either of the previous two posters ever changed the tranny fluid in your CLKs?

8th Sep 2007, 13:08

I have a 1999 CLK 320. I have read a lot of comments, and have found that may people have trouble with a rattle in the driver's side door, in the center console, and a squeaking in the passenger seat. I guess that all these problems are pretty normal.

This car used to belong to my dad, who bought it new in '98, and he just gave it to me for my 17th birthday about 8 months ago.

We have also had to replace the engine mounts because the car vibrated when it idled.

The one problem that I have that does not seem common is, there is a rattle under my gear shifter when I accelerate quickly. I don't know if this is a serious issue or not, it hasn't affected the performance of the car at all, and I hope that it is OK.

4th Oct 2007, 11:12

I have had a 1999 CLK320 with 75k for about two Months now. Only problem to report is a rubbing noise from the drivers seat, and the shift delay occasionally. (this I heard was normal until the Cat warmed up). I just put Staggered AMG's on it, quick, nice, and sporty. No complaints here! My only wish would be that MB didn't make the bottom of the 320's black, Its should be the same color as the car.

10th Jan 2008, 17:38

Does anyone know what a cluster board costs does 1998 clk 320 costs? Accskid asr is bad.

10th May 2008, 18:04

I am looking into buying a 98' MB CLK 320. I'm finding them for ~8-10 grand, which is exactly my price range. Now I'm relatively mechanically inclined, so any of these minor problems such as headlights and rattles I could care less about. Has anyone had any REAL issues?? (ie: trans goes bad, engine dies, electrical problems) The ones I'm looking at have around 95k on them, how long do these things last, and is there anything I should be on the lookout for as far as problems go?

27th Jun 2008, 16:03

I bought a 1998 CLK 320 about 6 months ago, as a comfy, 'free up some money' runabout.

My previous cars were always Audi's - the most recent one (an 280bhp Audi TT) was sold to help go towards funding a house project.

I've got to say this - I had no real expectations from the car, other than I really liked the styling. Having put just over 3000 miles on the clock, I have to say, it's a real dream and easily.. EASILY the nicest car I have ever driven over a long distance. Those people that say it's sluggish... then there's something wrong with your car - I'm use to fairly swift cars, and the 320 engine has good torque from pull away and the acceleration is impressive.

I love this car - my wife thinks I've finally gone mad - but there is something about a Mercedes over any other car - The Old W208 CLK in particular.

Go on - try it. They are fantastic value, and still rare enough with modern lines to make you feel a little bit special!

3rd Jul 2008, 12:38

I have a 1999 CLK 320 and other than new tires, Air conditioner repair and the usual service it runs beautifully. The one complaint I have is the telephone is an analog and cannot be updated. In talking with other service people if they could get the wiring diagram it could be updated. But Mercedes says they did not keep it. I find that hard to believe. Mercedes dealers don't seem to be very knowledgeable in my area.

16th Nov 2008, 18:27

Does anyone know of a good "back street" Mercedes garage or service person. Please e mail me on altogethertim@mac.com

Thank you, I am about to buy a 1998 CLK 320 Elegance. Any top tips would be appreciated.

4th Dec 2008, 20:35

Here's a tip. When buying a fine asset, treat it as such. You may save money in the short term, but you will have compromised the quality. Take your Mercedes to a reputable Mercedes-Benz dealer and make certain you keep your fine car in optimal condition by the people that engineered it. They know these cars better than any 'backyard' mechanic.

17th Dec 2009, 11:16

Looking at a 1998 MB CLK320 has over 258,000 miles. Inside looks brand new, but when idle it rattles like its about to blow up but stops at reverse or once it goes over 10 rpms. The dealer said that the rpms were probably lowered to save on gas while idling. Is this true? Since the car was so well taken care of he is suggesting that the mechanics should be wonderful in comparison to the immaculate condition of the car cosmetically. Also, the door has a problem with closing it and you can't move the seats up or back. Any comments?

18th Dec 2009, 10:50

Save on gas while idling?... LOL... Walk, no run away from that dealer!

Or better yet, tell him to set it right and MAYBE you'll think about it. The seat issue is either a fuse or seat motor. Find a car that behaves right and buy that one instead of inviting grief into your car buying experience.

Just my 2 cents, but it is said that there is nothing more expensive than a cheap Mercedes!

26th Dec 2009, 16:16

I am totally lost and confused, I am after a car I saw; a Saab 93 convertible 2003, but everyone says stay away, nothing but problems.

I then came across a CLK230. I took it to a reputable Merc specialist, paid $200, put it up on the hoist and did a pre purchase inspection, and came back with cracked manifold $3000, vanos needs replacing $2500, etc all up around $6000 on a car extra.

I have now been looking at a CLK320; they say it's a better option, this one is either 98 or 99 model, it's now 2010 so the car is 11 or 12 years old. Am I looking to buy problems with a car so old even if it's a Merc, they look beautiful but I am worried about all the costs I could run into in order to own a pretty car, please help.

I am at the point of giving up and buying a push bike.

27th Dec 2009, 14:05

It was wise to have the previous car inspected, but if you don't want to pay an extra $200 to have the 320 inspected, how will you ever handle having to service and maintain the car?

Remember 'a faint heart never got a fair maiden'.

Seriously though, I'd consider finding a good CLK320 because they are great cars and the earlier years of '98 and '99 are the best of the bunch. Maintain them properly and they will reward you. Look for nothing more than an annual synthetic oil change as maintenance and get it done right at the dealer as this will allow you to establish a relationship with them.