1999 Mercedes-Benz E-Class E240 Elegance 2.4 V6 from South Africa


Affordable German elegance


Becker 6X CD shuttle didn't work when we received the car. Shuttle was sent for repairs. We went on holiday to the coast and Mercedes shipped the shuttle to the nearest Mercedes dealership. Still didn't work. In the end a technician at our local Mercedes dealership connected a loose wire and it was fine.

Airconditioning pump packed up just after we received the car. Mercedes quote for repair was R10,000 ($1,500). Bought the parts from Mercedes and had them installed by a private mechanic for R4,000 ($615).

The automatic gearshift became erratic from 170,000km. Had the gearbox oil and filters changed. Improved somewhat.

Air mass sensor gave up the ghost at about 180,000km. Car put out only 90kw instead of 125kw. Because of loss of input from air mass sensor to central computer, gearshift became even more erratic! New air mass sensor cost R3,500 ($538).

Rear shocks totally worn out at 180,000km. No generic replacements available in SA, so you have to fit the original Sachs shocks at R3,500 per pair.

Drove through a gigantic pothole at about 130,000km and totalled the left front suspension. R13,000 ($2,000) to replace. Insurance coughed up.

Right after the pothole incident the rear suspension developed an irritating creaking noise audible inside the cabin. It would get better when it's raining. Too bad it's quite dry in SA! Nobody could fix this (Mercedes dealer/other mechanics) and we sold the car with the creak.

Right before we sold it at 194,000km the BAS/ASR warning light would come on when you used the brakes in city driving. Would also trigger an irritating message on the ASSYST display telling you that there is a problem with the BAS/ASR system.

General Comments:

None of the above problems were particularly serious and the car never let us down, eg stranded next to the road, failing to start, etc.

Our car was silver with light grey leather interior with burr walnut wooden finishes.

The 1999 model had a slight change in equipment, adding Mercedes' funky plastic key system, curtain airbags and a new audio system.

We used this car as our family vehicle and it is one of the most comfortable long distance cruisers there is. Where we live, it's about 1,000km (625miles) to our holiday destination. You can get in and arrive there well rested.

I personally think the 2.4 V6 with 125kW is slightly underpowered to get the E-class going. One thing must be said that this engine is silky smooth and revs right up to the red line in every gear. This helps to make overtaking less stressful.

The interior must have been hewn from granite! I have yet to see a more solid, fuss free interior in a car. Noting broke off, fell off or rattled in the ± 80,000km that we spent with the car.

Only the driver's side seat showed some wear after 194,000km (122000miles). The rest of the leather interior looked brand new.

Service costs was exceptionally cheap. We paid R700 ($107) and R1,400 ($215) for the small and large services at the Mercedes dealer.

In SA the E240 came with 205/65/15inch wheels and tyres. I think that the wheels were too thin for a car this big. The car didn't feel quite as stable as I wanted at high speeds 100mph+.

The rear passenger space in the E-class is huge, but at the expense of boot space which is quite frankly a joke! Nowhere near enough for a family's holiday luggage. We always had to tow a trailer.

Fuel economy was excellent giving 9km/L in town and 12km/L on long trips. 21mpg and 28mpg.

In the pothole incident mentioned above we were 5 persons in the car, towing a trailer at about 150km/h (95mph) when we hit the pothole the size of a small country. The car stayed stable and unlocked all four doors immediately as it is programmed to do in case of an accident!!

The depreciation was quite a shocker! We paid R190,000 for it in November '03 and sold it for R92,000 in Feb '06. R100,000 loss in 2.5years! New E240 now sells for R400,000, you can buy an '03 for R220,000!! So get a good 2nd hand deal and save thousands!

We basically sold the E-class because of its high mileage and the niggling little problems that started to show up. We thoroughly enjoyed the 3 years with it and would buy another in a heartbeat.

If you are looking for a reliable and economical family saloon with a dash of elegance, go get yourself an E-class. You won't be sorry.

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Review Date: 25th July, 2006

26th Jan 2007, 13:57

It is rightly said that once you drive a Mercedes Benz it is bit difficult to sit in any other make and model. Well lets be restricted to E 240 1999 model wagon which I have purchased a 4 months back. The car is imported from Japan. It is in immaculate condition. I have driven E 320 1995 station wagon model for 4 years. If we compare it I personally think E 240 1999 station wagon is better than my previous car. There is lot of leg space for the second row. The car ride is very comfortable specially on the long drives. The third row foldable seat is very good for the kids. The self leveling system is very effective. The fuel consumption is extremely good. Giving 11 Km/Lit on the mixed driving. (City/Highway.The leather seats are very comfortable. No engine sound. No heating problem which I use to have in my previous E 320 1995 wagon.

I have driven 6000 Km and have no issue at all. The day I had purchased the car had changed the transmission oil along with the filter. The front main belt. The previous owner also had maintained the car. He had handed over the car to us on 100000 KM. I will say Japanese cars are really very well maintained. It’s my third car coming from Japan and all German make.

I will strongly recommend E 240 1999 station wagon to any person who cares for his family safety and comfort.

1999 Mercedes-Benz E-Class E300 3.0L turbo diesel from North America


Junk... massive waste of money


My E300 is a money pit. It was purchased with 48,000 miles in April of 2005. Today, July 14, 2006 at 71,000 miles this car has had:

1. Glow plugs replaced at 50,000 miles (these should last much longer than this)

2. Air mass flow sensor at 50,000 miles

3. All under hood fuel lines and seals at 62,000 miles

4. Filter seal at 70,000 miles (this was a seal that was replaced at 62,000 miles. It lasted on 8 months!)

5. Today injector line seals are bad and I have been informed by the dealership that Mercedes no longer makes these parts available.

General Comments:

Big waste of money!!!

I have a 1981 and 1985 300D Mercedes. These are well built and dependable cars. I can buy parts for these cars. The newer Mercedes are junk; stay away from them. I do not fault the dealer service; I fault Mercedes for building junk and then not making parts available.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2006

12th Oct 2006, 07:24

Injector line seals are readily available for this car/year. You should check another dealer that knows what they are doing. MB have probably the highest availability of spare parts of any car make. Try buying a spare part for a 20 year old Toyota. Parts availability is 100% or close for most MB models, even cars made in the sixties.

13th Oct 2006, 13:38

Yep, he gave himself away with the, "M-B saya parts not available" line!

Anyone who has ever owned a M-B knows that they support their vehicles well with available parts for not only years, but decades. Just bought some new piston rings for a '73 SL at my local dealer. :-)

11th Nov 2010, 13:28

Sounds like you bought it right before the service was due. Same for me. After replacing, it was the best car ever.