2000 Mercedes-Benz E-Class 320 ? from North America


A no-buy unfortunate defect


When driving through a medium deep puddle the engine stopped and couldn't be restarted. The starter wouldn't turn the engine over. Subsequently the car was towed to the Mercedes dealer and before they touched it indicated the engine was hydraulically locked (water had gotten into the cylinders). Further discussion with the service people revealed this is not an unusual problem! "We usually get two or three after a heavy rain".

The engine air intake duct is located at the bottom of the bumper and any deep water will get sucked in and knock out the engine.

After this disappointing discussion they further iterate this is not covered under the warranty, it is considered an accident and the insurance company should cover it.

So all late model M/B owners shouldn't drive through puddles because they can literally destroy the engine, nor should they buy a M/B unless they are made aware of this ridiculous defect.

Strange when stranded by the puddle all other cars (imports and domestics) made it through with no problem.

That's the end of me and M/B. And I do like the car.

General Comments:

Do you want a car you can't drive through puddles?

Do you want a car that has this design defect that will not be acknowledged by the company?

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2002

30th Sep 2002, 06:50

I bought my first Mercedes in 1985. A 300D Turbo. I love it. I have over a million miles on it. It is on its second engine. It is built like a tank. In 1999, I decided that, as it turned 900,000 miles, perhaps things end. The thing had gone to hell and back for me. What more could I ask of it? The dealership, unfortunately or fortunately, depending whether you view it now or before I bought the new one, knew the car. They offered me $5 for it. I elected to keep her. I gave it to my wife. I walked out with a E320. On the way home, it elected a few rattles. That bothered me, I decided to talk to the dealer the next morning. I did, and they laughed. By January 2002, the car had 280,000 miles on it. And it died. I went huffing and puffing back to the dealer. Telling them that this was ridiculous. For Christ, the thing is 3 years old. They laughed again. I sold it to them for $10000. I went out and got my wife a different 85 300D and took mine back. Mercedes does not build cars like they used to. I am waiting, with great patience, for the Volkswagen Phaeton V10TDi. When that comes out, I can stop driving my Million Mile Benz. It gave me all I ever asked of it. It deserves the rest.

2000 Mercedes-Benz E-Class 240 Avantgarde 2.4 from UK and Ireland


A well engineered motor car


I have had two faults with the car.

1. The air conditioning fan motor died and was replaced under warranty within 30 minutes.

2. Blown headlamp bulb which was replaced by the dealer for £1.49 (not under warranty).

General Comments:

I will try and give an honest review of the car so here goes.

The interior is a well screwed together, solid and quality package. There are no rattles or squeaks of any kind, nor would I expect any. In Avantgarde trim the wood is a dark maple, which may not be to everybody's taste and certainly the comments I get are mixed. My wife finds the seats a little uncomfortable, but I find them very comfy, so I would recommend a long test-drive if you are thinking about one.

The suspension is firm, but not overly-firm and it makes a reassuring dull thud if it hits a pothole. The car handles well and hides its proportions well (tyres are expensive at about £130 each).

My car is an E240 and provides more than enough grunt to do anything I ask of it, but the 200 seemed a little rougher and slower.

I have a couple of niggles with the car:

1. The rear load cover lifts up to provide access to the boot, but does not lower and can completely obscure rear vision.

2. The rear wiper tends to smear which is annoying.

That's it! I am sure owners of some makes would love to have just two trivial niggles so it's not that bad.

The dealers always treat you like a Mercedes-Benz customer and make you feel privileged to own a beautiful car.

I hope this helps if you are thinking about a Mercedes E class.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2002

15th Sep 2002, 10:42

Mercedes Benz have been receiving a lot of accolades regarding comfort, passive and active safety designs and new innovations specially when the 1994 model E-class came out. However, in the Philippines the E230 and the newer models have been criticized to have weak wiring insulation specially on the engine bay! Our country's climate has a tendency to build up heat to 38 degrees Celsius! Things even get worst when we are stuck in traffic for hours! Anyway, if Daimler-Chrysler won't start building reliable cars then we will just resort to older dependable Mercedes Benz models.

I had the privilage to own the following Mercedes Benz models, 1963 190D, 1964 190C, 1967 250s, 1968 200/8, 1972 230/8, 1977 300D, 1977 US version 240D, 1983 200D, 1987 250D, 1989 US version 260e, 1991 230TE. As the models progressed I noticed in the W110 models the change from wood to plastic dashboard. From thick to very thin wires. From steel oil pressure lines to plastic lines. In short Mercedes Benz is no longer building cars to last! Tuning the old model cars were very easy. Now you need a scanner to detect the faults and the very expensive low quality sensors is usually the culprit. So the one with money will buy the new models. The one with brains will stick to the old models.