2000 Mercedes-Benz E-Class 320 4Matic 3.2 gasoline from North America


We bought the car for $3000, which is a great buy for an older E320. We plan to keep it


We received all of the service records for the car, which are detailed, exhaustive, and all were performed by one Mercedes-Benz dealer since new.

Out of the ordinary items replaced by the previous owner:

Both rear power window motors $396 each.

Climate control blower and blower regulator $1061.

Front boots both sides (4Matic) $1100.

Rear flex disk $325.

Arm bushings $2607.

Memory seats re-calibrated $325.

Reseal front differential $305.

Replaced front control arm $525.

Replaced cooling fan controller $525

Replaced Xenon headlamp $169.

The replacement of the front brake rotors, groaning power steering pump, dome lights do not turn on when the doors open, and the fog light leaked water (will be replaced), and headlight washer nozzles are missing, causing fluid to gush forth; items I consider normal wear and tear on an auto with this mileage.

Replaced the instrument panel $700.

General Comments:

We purchased the car from the original owner who was meticulous in the maintenance of the auto, and the car had never been involved in any accidents.

The original owner maintained the car by the book, produced the receipts for all services performed by the dealer, and apparently reported every little thing out of the ordinary on the car (such as a loose string hanging from a door panel). The engine has used Shell Helix fully synthetic since new.

The E320 rides and handles smoothly, but more like a heavy auto because of the 4Matic drive. It averages 16 miles to the gallon in town and 23 miles to the gallon on the road. Considering its age, the interior is very tight, is in excellent condition, and the leather and trim have held up very well. There are no rattles, the interior is quiet, and the sound system is quite good yet is missing new conveniences such as Bluetooth and navigation.

The former owner gave us the name of the service manager at the Mercedes-Benz dealer; they were apparently on a first name basis. The E320 was replaced with a 2017 Volvo S60 because of Volvo's excellent collision avoidance system.

The battery is the factory original and the spare tire has never been used. I don't go anywhere without jumper cables. Shopping around, the best price on an equivalent replacement battery is $211.

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Review Date: 14th December, 2016

14th Dec 2016, 22:18

"The battery is original..."

16+ years old! LOL

16th Dec 2016, 08:27

They'd better make sure they have jumper cables. The original battery on my 2001 BMW 316ti suddenly died one morning I was heading to work - in 2014. So made it to 13 years. Amazing - batteries usually last 5-6 years if you're lucky. The original battery was still a BMW one, probably made by Varta. Most batteries will give some sign just before they die - starting the car takes a few more seconds, or it cranks a little slowly. Mine didn't. The car started day in, day out to the day I drove it home from work... and it was dead as a doorknob. Not even a flicker from the lights. Nothing. Like, I thought someone stole the battery.

18th Dec 2016, 03:45

"The former owner gave us the name of the service manager at the Mercedes-Benz dealer; they were apparently on a first name basis".

I'll bet ;)

2000 Mercedes-Benz E-Class E55 5.5 V8 from UK and Ireland


Best kept supercar secret


Bush went on wishbone, £8 bush cost £300.

Springs broke on front.

Discs and pads horrendously expensive.

ECU needs resetting often as forgets things.

Rust on wheel arches constant problem.

General Comments:

Performance is awesome, beats 911's - most of the time.

When driven sensibly, it returns up to 36mpg on a long run.

Nothing compares for the money, performance and economy, in a class that Jaguars can only dream of.

Expensive to maintain, but ultimately very worth it.

Quality inside, but certainly not as well built as the previous E class.

Last of the good looking Mercedes saloon cars?

This was once the fastest production saloon car in the world.

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Review Date: 15th October, 2010