2006 Mercedes-Benz E-Class E200 1.8 kompressor from UK and Ireland


A terrible, cheaply manufactured, heap of junk


What an appalling heap of junk. My father bought this car new and it has had more go wrong with it than all his previous cars combined.

To start with - the gearbox had at least 3 separate leaks (all fixed under warranty).

It then sprouted another leak at the end of the warranty, necessitating a gearbox removal. Thankfully this was covered by Mercedes.

The fuel level gauge in the tank went.

ABS pump went.

Of course - this being a 1.8 - it needed a timing chain at 100k km due to a poor design by Mercedes, and also needed various seals at the same time - a further 1500 euro bill thank you very much.

It also had 2 drop links and 2 ball joints go as well.

General Comments:

This car was bought new and always serviced on time by Mercedes. It has had so much go wrong with it that it leads me to believe that the pre facelift W211 was a terribly built car with cheap parts used from the factory. I would advise everyone to steer clear of them, unless you have deep pockets and enjoy having an unreliable car.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2015

20th Jul 2015, 10:30

Hi all. I own a 2006 E320 CDI too. Like all cars, she had some pluses. But the final emotions from the possession of it - nightmare. I seem to have become paranoid with this car. An infinite sense of worry that it fails again on the road. I tired of all those leaks, error messages and other Mercedes failure stuff for this period. And I sold it. Now, day by day, I feel sure and safe on my next non-Mercedes car. Also I regret that I ever got in touch with Mercedes - wasted so much time, money and nerves. Mercedes (or other German brand) – thanks, but never again.

2006 Mercedes-Benz E-Class E 280 Elegance 2.8 V6 from Hong Kong


Fabulous Ride and Quality


Gearbox - V. strange problem, don't know what it is, but the dealer is so bad and can't fix it, found an independent and is fixed.

Air conditioning coil told by the independent is leaking leading to a very hot summer.

Boot - Fail to close, lock failing.

Factory CD changer never worked properly.

Driver seats are wearing (leather discolouring and going yellow??) (only 50000 km).

Wood inserts at the back are coming out.

General Comments:

Used to own a W124 230E, which is good and only got rid of it because of the 100,000 km on the clock and the age.

This E280 is so comfortable, the cabin is so quiet.

Although much niggly bits, but engine is totally reliable, the performance is not great, but I like it this way, it can be quick if it wants to.

The elegance trim is best for a person like me, comfortable softer suspension, although a little scary when thrown into corners, thinking about changing to 17' AMG alloys, but may spoil the ride??

Not a good handler comparing to my 320i 2.2.

I have so much confident in this car that I am letting my newly passed son drive on this car, it is much easier to handle than my Range Rover and the speed is easier to control than the 320i.

Overall a well built car, almost as good as the 230E, but definitely better than other Merc at the same time. It seems Mercedes's cars get more beautiful with age. I now start to realise the nice lines, but there are too many of these in the world (esp. Hong Kong). For a person like me who drives Range Rover (rare in Hong Kong, most people drive the boring Land Cruiser and ML which imitate the Range Rover) the E280 seems to be a little not special.

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Review Date: 15th October, 2006

23rd May 2007, 11:43

I own a 2006 E320 CDI and have been very pleased in the 6 months that I've owned it. This car replaced a 2002 E320 gasoline version that was also excellent. In comparison, the CDI is far more frugal (25 - 38 mpg) compared to the 2002 (18-32mpg). And it handles better and has a more aerodynamic look. However, I think the quality of the interior... the carpeting and plastics are not up to par with the '02. I had one mechanical problem (leaky transmission) that was fixed under warranty. Also, the paint finish in the '06 is more durable as the '02 tended to chip more easily. Also, the '02's windscreen was very vulnerable to stone chipping as I had to replace it twice in the 4 years that I owned it. Final point, the 06 diesel if FAR quicker... torque to spare whereas the '02 require manual downshifting sometimes to bring the 3.2 litre V-6 up to its powerband.

26th Jul 2007, 23:36

Thanks for the comment.

16th Aug 2013, 13:59

This is a follow on comment to my Oct 15, 2007 review of my 2006 Mercedes E320 CDI. I still have the car, now with about 53,000 miles on the clock.

First the bad. While still under warranty, I had to replace the steering rack due to a fluid lead.

Also, my transmission leaked very early on and that was covered under warranty.

Later, about one year ago, I had two glow plugs fail. I replaced all of them at the time out of pocket... about $600.

Now the good.

Over the seven years I've owned the car I've kept meticulous fuel records. I can report 28 MPG overall of mostly city driving as determined at each fill up... total miles driven divided by gallons to fill up the tank. I've gone as far as 785 miles (about 38 MPG) on a single tank of fuel whilst on the road with some city driving included.

The car is extremely comfortable and roomy, and I plan to hold on to it until the wheels fall off.