28th Mar 2006, 18:54

You car is an inline 5. How can you not know this!?!

4th Apr 2006, 06:50

"You car is an inline 5. How can you not know this!?!"

I agree!?!

Only the latest 320 CDI engine is a V6. The 270 is an inline 5, where as the 320 CDI is an inline 6.


7th Jan 2007, 17:41

I sort of agree with the E270 cdi driving experience in that it is probably one the most memorable Mercedes cars ever in it's class category. I personally think the E320 will make you feel even more better, but a lot of people have nothing, but good things to say about their own E270 cdi. Currently I have a BMW7 diesel (2006 version) which I must say is slightly smoother in comparison, but not necessarily reliable as the Mercedes. I brought my BMW twice to the workshop and feel a bit cheated as there are so few 3rd party people around with BMW calibration machines to fix the engine up. I will feel the pinch in my pocket once the warranty runs out.

By the way, my friend who lend me his 270cdi to test still drives his car everyday to work without any hassles and happy with his car.


A lot of people think the 270cdi is a V6 or at least drives like one! It is actually 5 in line. A damn good one!

12th Jan 2007, 01:35

The E 270 cdi is a very satisfying car indeed. It is hard to believe that it runs on diesel. It is also hard to believe that it is really a 5 cylinder vehicle, because it sure feels like a bigger engine or a turbo. My son loves the car! And he drives a BMW320.

Does anybody knows which tyres are best suited for the E 270cdi? Grip and quietness being the main priority here.

6th Apr 2007, 23:46

I'm from Singapore and I know for a fact that the only diesel vehicles allowed here are trucks and taxis. And the taxis here are 220 - 250. No 270 CDI.

15th Apr 2007, 05:47

Thanks for all of you. You coments helped me a lot to make my final decision. Hope to get one of E270CDI this year.

26th Oct 2007, 20:54

I too thought the 270 was a V6 engine. This only became apparent after I purchased my car. As a woman, I did not pay much attention to the technical stuff. I usually leave this to my husband who has a 2005 model BMW 530. He ensure both our cars are serviced properly and maintained.

What else can I say here? The 270 is a very responsive and very easy car to live with. No regrets.