28th Mar 2008, 08:40

Sorry to hear of your troubles with your w211. I think I will wait for the new model next year. I think the w211 will look very old soon, much like the previous w210 does. But hey, so does my e39 528 compared with the latest fiver.

My question is; is the w211 tiring on long trips? I've heard some people say that steering can get tiresome when navigating city streets and suburbia after a while. Any thoughts?

8th Sep 2008, 09:08

Well as a fireman and an E-320 owner, cars do not explode. The tires explode and airbags may explode but cars do not. Not like in the movies. So if your engine is on fire, you have a few minutes to get out. The car WILL not explode!!

14th Jul 2009, 00:38

I think it is too extreme to qualify so low a car for the reasons stated in this review. The car was bought with more than 57000miles, the previous owner could have hit the gas tank with something in the road. That is not Mercedes fault... And the window problem... That can happen in any car with that device. Just take it to the dealer and tell them to reprogram.

15th Jul 2009, 08:30

"Why would anyone have their car towed because of a smell?"

That was a wise person to tow the car for a strong gas smell. One of my co-workers had a strong gas smell for a few days. Kept driving the car saying he would take it into the shop when he had time. Before he did, the engine caught fire. So he got out and watched it burn up. Thankfully he was smarter than a lot of people and he did not open the hood. Many people get bad arm and face burns when they open the hood to see where all the smoke is coming from.

15th Feb 2017, 01:34

If the engine bay catches fire, the car will not explode. You still need to get out of the car and stay at distance. Never open the hood as mentioned above; flames can suddenly erupt from fresh air and burn your face and hands.

However, if the rear of the car catches fire, then yes the gas tank can and will explode. Not like you've seen in a Cuba Gooding action film, but the gas tank does explode after burning for a few moments and you'd better be at least 100 yards away.