1998 Mercedes-Benz G-Class 300 TD from Poland


Can't be beaten by any other car!


A great car!

Nothing went wrong as I bought it in Switzerland from a person whom I knew.

General Comments:

A great car!

Had heard about it, but never owned or drove one.

It is simply great: very comfortable, fast enough, feels like a tank on road and off road.

I had a heavy accident last year (mad guy bumped into us 90km/h on cross roads, red traffic lamps etc). - so now my wife and myself feel more safe.

The only complaint - it is a bit too big for driving in the busy town (although visibility from the driver's seat is superb!), but at this moment we are in the countryside, where it is just fantastic.

Can only recommend it to everybody.

Great that they will produce it until 2015, but I have been told that the Gs produced after 1998/99 are not " the same" as they are full of electronics.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2009

1995 Mercedes-Benz G-Class G 350 TD 3.5 litre 6 cilinder in line turbo diesel from Netherlands


A real classic investment, as solid as a rock


Doors really need a swing to be closed, or else they do not lock right. They are really heavy to close.

Glove box fails to open, this is a common thing with G class Mercedes.

Power window at the left front scratches when being lowered.

General Comments:

This car has a top speed of about 130 kilometers an hour, and that is pretty fast for such a car.

There is much space inside, especially above your head, so people who are 2 metres tall will get no problems in this car.

The automatic transmission really gives an awkward sound when changing gears.

The dashboard seems to be a little outdated for a car of such a big price, although a wood grain is present, it really lacks the looks. But then again, it is a classic.

When driving above 80 kilometers an hour, you really notice the wind passing along (flat front windscreen).

Very safe and reliable car, although the engine sometimes lacks the power. I recommend a G400 or a G300 TD for a little bit extra HP.

But if you have the money, and you can afford driving one, go get one. This is a very classic car and it gets a lot of attention when driving in traffic. Although not as reliable as a Toyota LC 100, this is a very good investment. Certainly not better as a Range or Land Rover or Hummer.

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Review Date: 15th January, 2004

1988 Mercedes-Benz G-Class 300GD 3.0 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


A car you can put in your will


Front seats do not wear well.

Starter motor needed to be replaced at 110000 miles, £500.00 from the dealer.

Top speed is 60mph, downhill it is 70mph.

Glow plugs are 9 volt ones not 0.9 volts, found this out after blowing out £100.00 worth of plugs from the Mercedes dealer.

Heaters need looking at. They blow hot on a hot day.

General Comments:

Drives like a tank.

Feels like a tank.

The security is the greatest compared to any road going vehicle.

The best vehicle I have ever driven.


I would recommend this vehicle to anyone who drives a multi-personnel vehicle or four wheel drive.

It has great road presence.

Engine sound is excellent.

I am saving up to get a newer version.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2003

26th Mar 2004, 13:25

I can't believe some of these comments. I have a 1986 230GE, it is most definitely not slow! With 125 BHP on tap, its acceleration is most respectable for a 2.5 ton vehicle, and it is easily capable of just under the ton.

With Michelin all terrains on, it handles very well. Even off road with front and rear diff-locks on, this will still go through very deep mud.

Its only drawback is fuel consumption, but no other 4x4 is any different if it's good. There are also some rumours about the cost of spares, which are totally untrue, I have bought some major items for very little money.

I'm afraid that £500 for your starter motor is crazy money, the starter from a 308D van is supposed to be the same, reconditioned starter motors can be obtained through many Motor Factors. I strongly suggest you join the G Wagen owners club http://gwoa.co.uk and save yourself a fortune, both in spares and sound advice in a friendly environment.

2000 Mercedes-Benz G-Class 290GD 2.9 turbo diesel from Hong Kong


Who needs a Hummer?


Slight rumble from the transfer box gear lever, diagnosed as a `characteristic' by the dealer. Solved by stuffing cloth around the lever.

Occasional failure of the central locking to unlock one of the rear doors.

General Comments:

Makes Land Rover products look like Meccano kits. Everything underneath is twice as strong and properly rust proofed.

Main dealer service atrocious - sticky tape and twisted wire reconnection of new rear bleeper, and charge for oil changes beyond the vehicle's service guide book.

Needs more power than 129 BHP Five - why can't I get a right hand drive with the V8 Diesel?

Spacious, comfortable, handles OK even on oversize tyres.

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2003

3rd Sep 2006, 09:07

Why don't buy G400 CDI so?

19th Apr 2009, 15:06

Would you sell it?