30th Jul 2008, 18:58

We bought ours after my wife totaled my Land Rover. We were looking for a car with as good or better safety rating. We well, she like the looks of the ML320, a little too minivan if you asked me. So far I have had to replace the wind blocker on the sunroof 2 times, the drivers side window track and the brakes several times. I also had the small hose to the radiator fixed.

The dash seems to have a new warning light every month. I am lucky to have a friend who isn't afraid to work on it (services all our cars). The latest this month is the airbag light.

I have read all the comments above and think that MB has since moving manufacturing to AB has lost it's rep as a leader in the automotive world. Mom has always had a MB (early 80's till 2000) and she will never buy another since her "gliches" with her S-class. I wish we would have listened to mom.

24th Nov 2008, 13:14

I own a 2001 ML320 and after reading all the comments in this thread I am realizing that I am not the only one. I thought maybe I have a lemon but seems like all are lemons. My friends make fun of me since their Toyotas run like champs and I keep taking my luxury car in for repairs like …

Window motors (replaced)

Central console switches (replaced)

All 4 brake pads and rotors (replaced)

Synthetic oil evaporates somehow

Rattling parts inside

Engine bed needs to be replaced.

I am waiting to get rid of this Mercedes and going to try BMW. I thought I would be a life long Mercedes owner but this ML320 will change all that.

A very unhappy Mercedes owner in CA : (

3rd Dec 2008, 05:14

Hello all of the poor ML320 owners. Like many other buyers I thought I would be purchasing a quality vehicle that had a prestige marque. Mine is a 2000 USA built vehicle and I live in Australia. It wasn't until I looked on the net I saw that you don't buy a US built Merc. The vehicle had travelled a mere 59,000 K's. The drivers door window motor stopped working. Next was the drivers door window switch (had to replace whole master control panel.) I looked under the old one and saw 'Made in Mexico" Then the crank case heat sensor went, then airbag sensors for front passenger seat went. Engine blows a puff of smoke when first started. I have only had Japanese made vehicles and never had a problem with them until well into the 400,000 k's mark. Buyers beware Mercedes are not quality vehicles.

26th May 2009, 11:13

I own a 2001 ML 320 and my experience has also been disappointing (83,000 miles). I equate Mercedes to being a top quality vehicle... so not the case. I have spent thousands of dollars since I purchased the car from the previous owner.

- Windows make noise when going up and down

- Sunroof broke and had to replace part

- CD player doesn't work

- Constantly replacing brakes and rotars

- BAS/ESP light continues to come on no matter how often I take it in to get repaired.

- Replaced crank shaft

- Leaking reservoir for steering.

That's just what I can remember off the top of my head - there's more...

My previous car was a Honda Accord and I had no problems with that car. I had scheduled oil and filter changes and I had to replace tires - no major maintenance at all (boy do I miss that car).

I'll never buy another Mercedes - it's just a name. So not worth it.

28th Apr 2011, 17:21

OMG!!! (same problem)

Thanks MUCH for this message board. My BUM (Big UNRELIABLE Monster) is currently sitting at an authorized Mercedes repair shop. It is my belief that the mechanic doesn't have a clue on what's wrong, and is simply throwing darts hoping he hits something. I spent $400.00 (which is no easy feat in this economy) to fix my power steering reservoir, my mass flow air sensor and get a service "B". The NEXT day, it did the same thing that I originally took it in for... it stalls out SPORADICALLY when trying to accelerate. I won't be surprised if it turns out to be something completely different than what he told me. If I could burn this crap for the insurance money, I would... but alas... It is now at 132,000 miles (owned since 68K), I think I should cash this thing out before I'm limping home with my wallet behind me!

16th Sep 2014, 01:43

You obviously have no knowledge of the numerous problems with the 320 engines! These engines were the worst ever built by Benz! There was even a class action lawsuit over them! They burned oil like it was their job, synthetic or not! Porous head and block castings, faulty PCV and EGR systems! Put the junk engine into a not-so-well engineered ML and you have a formula for disaster!