28th Sep 2004, 02:03

We have owned several Mercedes vehicles in the past and the brake pads are soft. They are that way for better braking and it is the price you pay. Just be careful and replace the pads early and never worry about the rotors.

The ML320 is one of the best 4 WD cars we have had, and it has stood up to the Alaskan roads without any serious problems. Extremely comfortable and we feel very safe in it.

I will say that it does rattle more than we are used to for a Mercedes, our other ones can go 10 years before there are any noticeable rattles. Not this one. But we still give it a strong 2 thumbs up!

24th Dec 2005, 08:25

I also have a ML500, 2004 with 15,500 miles. The brakes started squeaking after two months. I returned to the dealer 3 times with this problem and was told that I live in a humid state (Alabama) and Mercedes brakes are noisy and squeak in humid areas. I am not stupid, but I could not get anywhere with the dealer. I just took the car back again since the problem is even worse and at 15,000 miles I am now told I need new rotors. I do not tow anything and only gently drive the car. Mercedes corporate of course could care less and told me they do not cover brakes, do not consider this a design flaw and basically said they had no intention of even considering helping. I am going to get rid of this problem vehicle and I would urge anyone considering a luxury SUV to avoid the Mercedes M class unless they correct the brake flaw. This SUV is obviously too heavy for its brake system. I am really disappointed in MB, and will never make the mistake of purchasing another MB vehicle.