12th Dec 2005, 23:45

I have read all the comments and think everybody had similar problems. I see positive comments only from new, little used owners. These seem to be genuine problems..

16th Dec 2005, 03:36

Unfortunately, the pre-2005 M-Class had many engineering and quality problems. DaimlerChrysler's problems weren't only limited to the M-Class, with the A and C-Class models suffering in terms of build quality and reliability during the cost cutting days.

10th Jan 2006, 09:21

Well our family has an ml 500 2004. the teal blue colour that seems to grab everybodies attention. it's a very good car. specially for the winter. one of the problems that I have with it..its that it drains too much gas, it keeps on eating and eating, and most of the parts are expensive for it, I broke the side mirror on my 2001 ml320 and the part was very expensive. and the new generations of MLS are by far the nicest bodies I have ever seen.

25th May 2006, 02:52

I think if you buy a two tonne vehicle with a five litre V8 engine, you really have to expect high fuel bills. Maybe the diesel next time...

13th Nov 2006, 15:41

It's human nature, people who are irate about their MB "experience" will vent here to prevent someone else from experiencing the same problems. If their experience is a positive one, well that was the expectation, so nothing to report.

The people with the negative complaints are more than likely real, and they are trying to help. The trick is to get the happy consumers to report here too.

28th Dec 2006, 16:19

If you really want to see an unhappy review check out the new review on the ML350, though I believe the owner means a ML500.

24th Jul 2009, 11:58

I own an ML350.. I am a genuine owner.. and I couldn't give my car away if I wanted to.

I currently have my car stored in my garage cos the transmission went out, and I can't afford the $9K for a new transmission or $6K to rebuild this one. Look me up on ebay.. going to start parting it out this month.

The car - if it was running, would net me about $4500 on trade. That's not even close to the $8K I have already spent fixing things on it since purchasing (second owner, bought with 38K on the clock.. now sitting at 91K). Maybe I got a lemon.. maybe it's common to have problems with these cars.. I don't know. I bought a Civic (a 1999 model with 201K miles on the clock) for $1600 about 2 years ago (when this ML first started becoming majorly unreliable). I now have 280K miles on the Civic - original transmission and engine and it runs like a dream. Only did oil changes on it. My dad said Mercedes used to be built like this as well. Wonder what happened to them?

3rd Nov 2009, 21:06

I bought my ML350 2006 fully loaded for over $50,000 late in 2005. I was the only owner of this auto. I am still making payments, and last Friday 10/09 I notice the car was not performing the way it always do. There seems to be oil leaking, but I was not sure were, so I took it to the dealers, and they diagnosed the auto and found out I need a manifold and new plugs plus other little parts. The final cost was over $3000.00. I told them to go ahead and fix it.

They called me later to inform me that it was now in top condition and I will not have another problem any time soon with the engine. So I took it home on Friday of the same week. By Monday it failed and broke down for the first time since I owned it. I called them and they told me to bring it in. When I brought it in, they told me it needed a new engine, which the cost would be over $11,000.00.

I asked them what about the warranty on the worked that was done. They told me that was already done, and if I can't pay to get the new engine, then I could come and tow it back to my location. I was not allowed to get a refund or nothing.

So I will be taking this further and I hope if other people complain to the proper authority. If this was done we would not be ripped off. I am doing this to prevent others from going through this again.

Please contact me if you have similar problems with any other dealers. We as citizens should not allow dealers or anyone to rip us off like this.

Please do not shut up! If you do they will continue to rip off the consumer.

Take action, my email is charm3bran@aol.com, send me your comments.

14th Nov 2009, 17:20

I posted my comments over a week ago regarding a complain that I had with the Mercedes dealers.

I end up being a happy customer after posting such complain.

The company contacted me and decided to put in a new engine free of charge.

Thank you Mercedes! This shows that there are still honest people around in every company that is against injustice.

My voice was heard! Thanks to the website for posting my complaint, keep doing a good job. Consumers, continue letting your voice be heard, don't shut up, speak out for justice and equality.


22nd Dec 2009, 15:39

I am the original owner of a 2006 ML350. I have had continuous problems with the check engine light. The latest is showing a balance shaft problem, in which the Mercedes Service Agent tells me it has nothing to do with safety or performance and not worry about it, this is a very common problem in these vehicles.

Well, my Massachusetts State Inspection Sticker has expired and I cannot get a new one with this problem. So my Mercedes Dealership tells me, it will cost $4000 to fix since they have to take the engine out to fix the problem, and that since it is a common problem, Mercedes will kick in $2000.

After finding many posts online about the same problem, I am irate that Mercedes would treat its customers like this. I am currently awaiting a phone call back from Mercedes Benz USA to let me know if they will help me. Otherwise I am looking to find as many people as possible with the same problem to look into a class action law suit. It's a shame because other than this I would have probably always been a loyal Mercedes customer.

My email is pauldunton@comcast.net if anyone has experienced the same issues, please let me know.

2nd Feb 2010, 12:38

I have had my 2006 ML350 in 4 times now for "engine" issues. I have had everything from spark plugs and cables changed, to having the whole top of the engine taken off and looked at (the whole top of engine look took my car out of service for a whole month.

Now here I am again with not only misfires, but it pretty much stopped driving and the service engine light was flashing. I had previously on taken it to the dealer for service as well. It has been the worst experience of my life, and at this point and I am looking for other Mercedes ML350 owners with the same general engine issues. I do believe there is a larger issue at hand and would like to band together. I can be contacted at greg@suddreth.com