23rd Oct 2013, 09:54

Same issue with my ML 350, production date of 03/05. Currently have 61 k on the odometer and am in the process of taking it to Mercedes of Princeton.

4th Dec 2013, 19:28

I also own a used 2006 MB ML350. The ride is quiet and refined, but it is a totally under engineered and unreliable product. Everyone who has been honest with me about a MB vehicle of any type has had reliability issues that make the unreliable vehicles of the 60's seem like dream boats.

I also unloaded a 2007 one ton Freightliner dually in 2010 manufactured by MB. It was the worst vehicle investment that I have ever owned, and I dumped it for pennies to avoid the recurring 5 to 6 thousand dollar per year repairs that were required to keep it on the road. The final straw was when the rear end went out at 120K miles, when the manual states that it does not require service until 180K miles. I had many major problems, and calls to MB were met with cold disdain for alleging that their products are junk.

Buy an Audi if you want a German vehicle, it was rated as the 4th most reliable vehicle behind 3 Japanese brands. People pay too much for a status symbol that will embarrass them when the vehicle stops and will not run. I bought this one to haul junk, so it would be in the same company!

26th May 2014, 09:15

I own an ML350 2006. OMG these cars have so many problems, and Mercedes don't want to put recalls on this car because they will have to spend many millions fixing these cars.

My email is llf913@msn.com.

27th May 2014, 14:47

The ML and first generation A-class (not sold in the US) were the two cars that really dragged Mercedes' name through the mud. That name was hallowed from the types of cars they used to build for decades - durable, dependable, properly-engineered, and you certainly paid dearly for that, but it was a given. The prestige came not because of the price, but because of the honour that came with the total quality and effort put into it. Not anymore. I see them as a has-been - time was when you could only get much of the fittings and features, and build by buying a Mercedes. Not these days. Imagine if a Rolex watch had diamonds on the numerals that fell off. Doesn't matter what type of diamond it is, it should't fall off on a Rolex. Mercedes is the same. Build a car again whose doors thunk like a bank vault and don't break down, as the Japanese build, and they may get it back.

30th Jul 2014, 01:01

I just had my 2006 ML350 fixed to the tune of $5900. 74,000 miles and the same problem as everyone else. If there is a class action suit, I would like to join. Please let me know. Evafuj@gmai.com

5th Feb 2015, 22:41

Same here. 2007 ML 350 and frustrated with Mercedes NOT doing anything about crankshaft sensors. Spent $900 today and started to research and found plenty of people with the same problem. I plan on getting rid of it, taking a loss, and never buying a Mercedes again.

If anyone starts a class action suit, I'm in jcperryster@gmail.com.

16th Mar 2015, 16:45

I'm driving an ML 350 2007, with 108000km on it, & I had to shell out $1200 for the replacement of the SAM control unit. A few days after that was changed, the engine light came on. I returned to the used car dealer & had it removed, hoping that it was due to the previous repair/replacement of the part, but after 3 days the engine light came back. I actually went back to the dealer, & they sent me to another mechanic to be scanned. They never gave me a direct answer of what was the result of the scan, but the mechanic just said, if the engine light comes back, I know what it is.

I went to another dealer, as I wanted to trade it for another vehicle. I disclosed my problem with the appraiser & he said this engine light is a common problem with MBs & that it is regarding the camshaft, the same as most MB owners are experiencing. I am not really sure what this is, because nobody has given me a straight answer as a result of the engine scan. So I am just living with it for now, the engine light will come on 1 day, then the following morning it is gone, & for 2-3 days gone, then just comes on again. I am driving the vehicle & it just runs fine, not having any problems while driving, & I don't know when the light will come on again.

2nd Apr 2015, 16:50

I have a 2006 ML350 4 Matic. It's done just over 115,500 km and I have always kept the car in immaculate condition, and always have the servicing done as required.

Over a 2 week period, the engine light started coming on, then going off.

Then over the past 3 days it was constantly staying on. I had booked the car in for a service and told the Mercedes service department about the problem.

* Today I was quoted $12,000.00 to have the balance shaft repair done by a Mercedes dealership based in Sydney. Australia.

As you can imagine, I was extremely upset after being told that it would cost me $12,000.00 to have this repair done on a Mercedes Benz that I had bought brand new in 2007, and it has been kept in immaculate condition and always serviced as required. In fact I have been a loyal customer at this Mercedes Benz Dealership Service Centre for many years.

When I asked the service department representative if this is just normal for my car to have this happen at 115,500 km, he said "No, it's not normal, it usually means that the car has been driven too harshly".


I said to him "My car has never been driven harshly since I've had it as brand new off the showroom floor."

It's just driven normally to work and home, and occasionally we drive it to Perisher for a family trip to the snow.

When I got home, I did some research and found out that so many other people have experienced this same problem, and that it is a fault which Mercedes have been aware of, and if there was ever a recall, I was definitely never informed about it.

And I've also noticed that from everyone that's had this same problem, nobody has been quoted anywhere near the ridiculous quote that I got today of $12,000.00.

I have just completely lost all faith in Mercedes Benz, and I will NEVER buy another Mercedes ever again, and I will NEVER recommend the brand or dealership to anyone that I know.

2nd Apr 2015, 18:40

I think this fault is subject to a class action in the United States.

15th Dec 2015, 02:33

This problem is also taking place in California. This is unacceptable and they have lost all trust with me. I've had my car checked by several mechanics, and they all have said the same thing, and this keeps costing me money. The vehicle can't pass smog and it's a new vehicle.

23rd Dec 2015, 19:28

I just bought my 2006 ML 350 in 2014. It had 48K miles on it, and now has 57,704. I've already put over $2500 in it on parts and sensors alone.

Now the vehicle won't to shift out of 1st gear. I've been on the phone all morning trying to contact anyone at Mercedes who will honor the 60k warranty. The 2006 ML350 should be recalled due to multiple manufacturer issue, as well as faulty parts. Please add my name to the class action lawsuit if that's possible. Please contact me or my husband listed below.


Sheron Walker Woods, 720-636-4644

curtiswoods55@gmail.com # 303-507-7372

6th Mar 2017, 04:06

People talk too easily about things they ignore. A class and C class, as well as ML's are excellent cars. My A class, from 1999, has 350,000 kilometers, and still runs fantastic. C class, from those days were also marvelous, and ML's you can find them with extremely high mileages.