2006 Mercedes-Benz R-Class R350 3.5 from North America


Air pumps were replaced in the first week I got it under warranty.

Front left axle was replaced at the same time under warranty.

Wheel alignment at the same time for free.

Checked noises when making a turn and got no result.

Check engine light was on the third week because of air pumps, relay and fuse, fixed under warranty.

General Comments:

This car was a certified pre-owned and feels not like. Runs pretty well since all the above repairs were done.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2010

9th Jun 2014, 19:44

Hello, "certified" doesn't mean anything. It's a word car dealers use to make customers think the vehicle has something special, or is more trouble free than others. In fact, all used cars are the same, with ones that have been well maintained, while others not. Dealers call all their used vehicles 'certified'.

2008 Mercedes-Benz R-Class R320CDi SE SWB 7str 3.0 CDi (224bhp) turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


A great long distance comfortable, safe, practical vehicle for people who value relaxed motoring


In nearly 17000 miles of motoring, the car has been totally free of any major faults.

My only issue has been a slight rattle from the plastic on the air deflector on the optional panoramic sunroof when it is closed. This is only audible when driving at slow speeds over rough road surfaces.

General Comments:

I have run several Mercedes before purchasing a used R-Class from a Mercedes-Benz dealer in the UK in 2008.

The R-Class has by far and away the best front seat accommodation in any vehicle I have previously owned. There is an enormous amount of space in the foot wells and space for your knees to spread out on a long trip. The front seats are very adjustable, soft and comfortable for long journeys, and the driver's position is supremely relaxed and offers a commanding view of the road and a great view of your surroundings.

With an optional panoramic roof, the cabin is very light and offers an impression of space for anyone traveling in the car, which is especially pleasing when covered long distances. Only the third back row of seats is slightly cramped for legroom and a little short on headroom for six foot adults. If you don't expect to carry seven people and their luggage, you are very unlikely to be disappointed with cabin space and practicality. It has massive space to offer five adults and holiday luggage, and folding all the seats down in the rear offers a huge flat load space.

The standard level of trim is perhaps a little basic for the price, however I found and purchased an ex Mercedes-Benz UK demonstrator vehicle, which had been well specified with a huge saving on list price, which was just three months old and that came with some fantastic extras, which I could not have justified (or afforded) on a brand new car myself.

Fuel economy is not a strong point as I have averaged about 27.4 mpg according to the computer since I have owned the car, but at the end of the day, a 4x4 7str full sized vehicle like an R-Class is not really designed or purchased for outright economy. The tyre wear has been great as I still have 2mm on front and 4mm on rear tyres. So far I have need just one service, which cost £265.

Although I have been careful with my car, the interior still looks brand new every time it has been cleaned, and it has worn daily use very well.

The 4x4 aspect of the chassis means the car always feels safe, especially at motorway speeds on wet roads, and even in very rare snow the car has always taken me from A to B safely, quietly and in great comfort.

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Review Date: 29th October, 2009

6th May 2010, 23:33

Thank you, that was a great review about the car. I am looking at getting one soon for my sister's birthday. Reading some of the other reviews, I can't help but think these people complain about the smallest things. Thanka again.

3rd Jul 2010, 08:35

2008 Mercedes R320 CDI 4matic.

We purchased this vehicle brand new for 2008, and I have to say the R class is a real winner. With 21k miles on it to date, we have have experienced no issues other than routine service.

This vehicle rides very smooth, and is the perfect fit for those who don't want a big SUV, and don't really want to fall into the Mini van crowd. It rides like an S Class with excellent heated seats and extremely adjustable front and rear seats.

Some people either love how it looks or hate it, but I would have to say once you drive it, you understand that it was money well spent.

The diesel model is the only way to go when driving on the highway; you will get almost 600 miles to the tankful, and you will almost never be waiting in line at the gas station.

Mercedes has been legendary for their diesel engines, and I'm certain that this engine follows very close to the idea of longevity.

30th Jan 2011, 17:26

I bought a 320 L CDI in 07. It has now done 120K. Like another reviewer, I was only getting high 20's mpg. I had a highly recommended local chip company play with the map. Nothing was changed more than 10%, but I now get 35 mpg plus on long runs and am averaging 32 mpg.

Only problems were front driveshaft UJ's (replaced under warranty) and niggling electrical issues, which are a nightmare to find on CANbus.

Love the car, performs brilliantly in snow and wet weather, and it swallows vast amounts of luggage and people.

I am a very happy owner (apart from the depreciation), and will run it until it drops.

10th Feb 2017, 05:00

Sweet minivan!